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LRE Rule 7: Practice English Using Listen and Answer Stories


If you understand what you read and hear in English, but you can not speak English fluently, then you need to practice English speaking. But how? Today you are going to learn how to practice speaking with yourself. Yes, you don’t need to go abroad or someone like native English speaker to talk. You just need to learn the listen and answer mini story method. Learn Real English rule number 7 will teach you how to use mini stories for practice English speaking. Now please watch below video of LRE Rule 7. In this useful video A.J. Hoge is talking
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LRE Rule 6: Listen Real English Conversations


Get Learn Real English Course Now! Real English Material for Easy and Fun Learning Learning English is actually very easy. You can learn English through many ways. You probably only get English lessons at school that may not be so effective to make you proficient. How actually the best way to learn English? well, this is what we are going to do, we will tell you the best way to understand and to be fluent either in English speaking, listening, or reading. One of the best ways to be a good English speaker or overall to master English is by
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LRE Rule 5: Point of View Stories To Learn Grammar


Learn Real English Conversation program has 7 powerful rules. If you follow these rules, you can learn English faster and will improve your speaking skills easily. So at the Learn Real English rule 2 video, you learned that you musn’t study grammar rules. Many of our students surprised by this rule when they first heard it. Maybe you surprised too. Because you have been told that you must learn grammar and memorise them constantly. However, you might wonder about how you can use correct grammar whitout study them. Well, today we give you Learn Real English rule 5 to learn
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LRE Rule 4: Deep Learning to Master English Very Well


Learn Real English Course‘s 4. rule is learn English deeply. Deeply learning English is very important. Deeply does not mean to go too far, actually, it is the opposite. In this case, you have to learn the English language fundamentally. You will not be able to master something if you do not study it deeply. You have to focus on the subjects so that you truly master it. Let us take an example, a basketball player will not be able to put the ball into the basket when he does not learn every day. A basketball player will not be
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LRE Rule 3: Learn English With Your Ears


Learn Real English conversation program‘s rule number 3 is very powerful and many of schools ignore it. They use textbooks to teach English. It means you try to learn English with your eyes. However the most natural way to learn English is using your ears. It is imput method and very natural which all children use to learn their mother language. Now please watch below video to find out more about Learn Real English rule 3. You can also download free mp3 listening lesson with its pdf text for this lesson at the bottom of this post. Please share this
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