English Fairy Tales For Practice

Fairy tales are a fantastic way to learn English. Listen to English fairy tales every day if you want to learn English in an enjoyable way. Our English fairy tales differ from traditional fairy tales in a few ways. Each story is told using the listen-and-answer approach. As a result, you may also practice speaking English.

Fairy tales in English may help you acquire a lot of vocabulary. Your English hearing and speaking abilities will develop dramatically if you repeat the sessions every day.

You will be listening to a fairy tale today. You’ll also get a lot of questions regarding the narrative. The simple questions should be answered aloud. For one week, repeat the lesson every day. So, are you all set? Let’s get this party started!

The story of English fairy tales

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When you’ve completed the lesson,

  • You will acquire English vocabulary in a simple manner,
  • practice English listening, and
  • quickly enhance your English-speaking abilities.

Reading English fairy tales story

Once upon a time, there was a man. His name was Alex. Alex was a poor man. He was jobless. He lived in a small old cottage. That year, it didn’t rain, and his crops dried. He was starving. He wanted to eat delicious meals. So, he went to town to look for a job, hoping to find something to eat. When he was walking at the square, he saw an announcement poster on the wall.

English fairy talesAccording to the poster, a princess was looking for a brave man to defeat a dangerous dragon. Because the dragon had kidnapped her father and mother. Alex joined the princess, and they set off to save her parents.

The journey was extremely challenging. They climbed mountains, went through the caves and forest. The forest was covered with enchanted trees. Alex cut them all off. The princess and Alex overcame all the difficulties.

Then, they encountered a wise man. The wise man said to them, “There is only one way to beat the dragon.” “I’ll help you if you take out my special sword. It has been stuck in those rocks for years.”. Alex took out the sword. And, the wise man joined their adventure.

Finally, they found a castle. They sneaked into the caste. In the castle, they saw the dragon. But wait! Behind it, there were two people. They were the parents of the princess, the king, and the queen. Alex and his friends fought against the dragon and defeated it. The king and queen were free. Everyone was happy!

Alex was awarded by the king. He was no longer hungry.    The princess loved Alex too. So, they got married, and they lived happily ever after. The end…

Listen to and speak English stories by downloading them.

Our fairy tales are digital English courses that may be downloaded. As a result, you won’t have to wait days for freight. You may immediately begin learning English by downloading our English fairy tales. Every day, listen to the courses and answer the simple questions aloud. Your speaking abilities will rapidly improve.

Remember to listen to the lessons several times. You should devote at least one week to the same lesson. This strategy will assist you in speaking English naturally and effortlessly.

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