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If you feel like you don’t know enough English and need to learn more terms, continue with these courses and you’ll learn some of the most frequent words in only a few minutes. In this video, you will discover our English study tools. This is only a tiny part of our English learning program. To obtain the entire courses, translations, and fluency rapid study tools, sign up for our learning program. Sign up for a free lifetime account.

15 Study Tools That Will Lock English into Your Brain

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If you wish to study your goal language using our learning software but aren’t sure which plan to pick. Then now you’ll learn how our premium plan may help you master the language by providing you with a single, easy-to-follow study route. As a result, it’s easier than ever to keep learning.

From beginner to intermediate, special courses will get you speaking and comprehending conversations in minutes. With over 15 study aids to help you memorize the language.

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How can the premium English tools assist you in learning more quickly?

One: you are given a single basic learning route to follow. If you’ve ever been overwhelmed by English learning since there’s so much to learn in terms of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and vocabulary, and there’s no obvious path to follow, you’re not alone.

As a result, with our curriculum, you only receive one learning route. The English learning path is just a series of lessons that you can follow. That is, instead of pondering how to learn the language or what to do next, you now have a clear path to follow. Simply follow the course from lesson one to lesson three, and from absolute beginner to advanced, taking the classes and completing the exams. Let’s go into the classes themselves now.

English Audio and Video Lessons

Second: audio and video classes help you learn English quickly. As a result, you won’t be reading a lot of text. Our English audio and video courses are simple to complete and allow you to acquire the language while listening or watching them.

English study toolsIn addition, you will be exposed to natural speech, which is not available in textbooks. So start speaking English in minutes by pressing play on a session where you’ll learn a realistic conversation and have every word and grammar rule clarified by our trainers. Because classes are only a few minutes long, all of this takes only a few minutes. So you can study English quickly and in tiny chunks, whether on your PC or on the move with our app. Although the classes are sufficient to begin you speaking English, you may utilize our study tools to ensure that you practice and retain the language.

Third, you’ll get 15+ excellent study tools to assist you to memorize the language and learning English faster. Here’s a sample of what you can accomplish.

  • With the voice recorder, you may practice speaking and refine your pronunciation.
  • With this list of the 2000 most common vocabulary, you may achieve conversational fluency.
  • Our spaced repetition flashcards can help you learn English words and phrases quickly.
  • To help the grammatical rules sink in faster, read along with the lesson notes.
  • With the translations, you’ll be able to understand everything right away.
  • The line-by-line audio for each lesson will help you improve your English listening abilities.
  • With the dialogue tracks, you may immerse yourself in native discussions.
  • With assessments, you can put what you’ve learned to the test.
  • There’s a lot more.

Sign up for a free lifetime account right now if you want to study English and don’t have access to our learning program. To acquire your free lifetime account, simply click the link below. You’ll also get a 7-day free trial of our premium plan. Remember, there are a few things you may do to memorize all of these terms. Drill these words into your mind with our spaced repetitions.

Learning English Flashcards

Flashcards that you may use to reinforce this vocabulary in your long-term memory. Save them to your personal vocabulary collection’s word bank, where you may create your own study sheets. Alternatively, play our repeated vocabulary presentation until you’ve memorized all of the terms. So go ahead and sign up for your free lifetime subscription right now to have access to these classes and study materials.

EnglishClass101 is the greatest location to start learning English since you will be on your way to proficiency in no time. Everything you need to master the language is provided by us.

There is only one clear learning path to follow… Which Makes Learning Easier Than Ever – Personalized Lessons that Have You Speaking and Understanding Conversations in Minutes… From beginner to advanced, there are over 15 study tools to help you memorize the language.

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