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Hi, I am AJ Hoge. I am the director of the Effortless English Club. Are you embarrassed wehen you speak English? Are you shy to speak English? Do you have bad English pronuncaition, so other people can not understand you?

Do you speak slowly? And have difficulity speaking English? Are you nervous about speaking English? Are you angry, that you still can not speak English after studying for so many years? Well, it is okay. You are normal.

Most English students feel these same feelings. Because, most English students use the same methods. Thew went to the same kind of schools. They use the same kind of textbooks, so they got the same kind of results. Most students can not speak English easily.

I am AJ Hoge again and I am the director of the Effortless English program. I have a master’s degree in teaching English. As a second or foreign language. And I have over twelve years of teaching experience. But more importantly, I have helped thousand of English students speak English easily, using my Effortless English system. And you too can speak English easily if you use my system.

You can speak English easily. You can use correct grammar when you speak. You can have clear pronunciation so everyone will understand you. You can speak quickly and fast without thinking. No thinking about grammar rules. The words will come out of your mouth automatically and easily.

This system has helped thousands of students and it can and will help you. Please read the rest of this web site to learn more about my Effortless English system and to get my Effortless English lessons.

In six months, you will succeed. In six months or less you will speak English easily. Good luck to you, thank you and enjoy my program. Goodbye.

Effortless English Lessons

speak-englishUse Effortless English rules when you study English to speak English faster. Click here to learn more about Effortless English Lessons. Finally click below lessons and watch videos to learn Effortless English Program Rules.

Learn Effortless English Rules:

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