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This is the 4. Webinar video for essential steps by AJ Hoge from Effortless English Club. We keep learning great tips for change and leadership. In fact, these are very useful webinar videos in which we can learn essential information for a successful life.

So please watch the below video and learn essential step 4 (Get Emotional Leverage). You can find the download link for the full text of this webinar under the video. So you can read it while you are listening.

Click here to view & download the text (pdf file)

Hi, this is AJ from Effortless English, and welcome to Step Number 4, the fourth essential step for change and leadership. And, of course, the fourth free webinar for you.

Alright, so you’ve learned Steps 1 through 3, right? What was Number 1? Step Number 1 was to develop your own personal health and energy. It’s really the foundation, without that, hard to do anything else.

Step Number 2 was to develop your own purpose, your own personal purpose. And this might grow and change over time but it’s something that gives you passion, or several things that give you passion. And that’s going to give you a lot of drive and motivation in your life to do anything. Those are the two very, very general ones that are the foundation, the core, for everything else.

Alright, and then, of course, in Essential Step Number 3, we learned how to understand deeply, right? That it’s not enough just to quickly think about something, you’ve really got to understand yourself and the situation and others very, very deeply before you start trying to start making a lot of changes and doing a lot of actions. Of course, once you do that, now you’re ready to really get into it.

So what is Step Number 4 if you really want to make a big change in your life? It’s a chance you’ve had difficulty making in the past that you just can’t seem to get that success that you want. And you’re frustrated. You don’t know why. Why can’t I do this? What’s the problem? Well, you have three things now that you can do, those first three steps, and now on to Step Number 4. There’ll all important.

The fourth step is to get emotional leverage, get emotional leverage. If this is a change you’re making for yourself, using the common example of wanting to jump your English level higher and improve your English a lot, or anything else, then you’ve got to get emotional leverage on yourself. Leverage, this is sort of a little symbol that we’ll use for leverage. And if you’re trying to change other people for the better, something that they want and you’re trying to help them, then you also have to help them get emotional leverage. Click here to view the full text.

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