Learn English By Listening

Did you learn English with your eyes? Probably. In school you probably learned mostly with your eyes. You red textbook, you studied word lists, you studied grammar rules. That’s why you read well, but can not speak well.

For example, you can easily understand written English. Such as hi, how are you? What have you been doing lately? But you do not easily understand real English speaking. Such as, hey man, how is it going? What’s you’ve been up to? To speak well, you must learn with your ears. You must learn by listening. If you learned by your ears, you would easily understand the second example.

This is what children do. Children learn English by listening. They listen to their parents, and then a few months later, they began to speak. With Effortless English you learn like a child. You learn English with your ears. All of our lessons are listening lessons. No textbooks. Children are the best English learners. To speak excellent English you must learn like a child. You must learn with your ears.

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