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Hi, I am A.J. Hoge, The director of Effortless English. My English teaching has helped almost 500.000 people, learn English more quickly and more easily. That’s almost half a million people.

Today, I want to help you. And I want to talk about my Effortless English lessons. I created my Effortless English lessons to help you speak English quickly, easily, and automatically. I want you to feel strong, powerful, confident, and happy when you speak English. I want you to get better jobs because your English ability is excellent. I want you to meet new people from different countries all around the world. I want you to get everything you want by using English. That’s why I created Effortless English.

My lessons will help you speak English faster, understand faster and learn vocabulary much faster, and learn grammar much better and much faster. After six months of using my lessons, you will speak English easily, quickly, and automatically. Now, how can I say this? I can say this because my lessons come from the best research from experts such as Dr. James Asher, Dr. Stephen Krashen, and Dr. J. Marvin Brown. Their research shows that these Effortless English methods will help you learn English 4-5 times faster and remember it much longer. And you will learn how to speak quickly, easily, and automatically.

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Dr. Asher, study normal English learning and the Effortless English method. He found that the Effortless methods are 4-5 times faster. And Dr. Stephen Krashen found that the students who use these methods speak faster, speak more correctly, have better grammar, have a larger vocabulary, and understand more quickly and easily. There are a lot of benefits when you use the Effortless English methods and Effortless English lessons.

Now, when you buy these lessons, what do you get? Well, you get over thirty lesson sets. That’s sets, groups of lessons. Each set contains several audio lessons. There is a vocabulary lesson. In the vocabulary lesson, I teach you new phrases and words. These are common, useful, and powerful words and phrases.

There is a mini story in each set. Of course, these are the powerful and kind of famous listen-and-answer mini stories. I ask a story using a lot of questions and you answer every question. Now, these are very simple and easy questions. so don’t worry, It is a very easy lesson but very powerful. When you use these listen and answer mini stories, your speaking becomes faster and faster and faster. Also your understanding.

Each of these thirty lesson sets also has an audio article. This is a very interesting article about some real topics. This is real English. It is not textbook English. And you simply just listen to it. You listen to it again and again and again each day. And each day your listening improves, your vocabulary improves, your grammar improves and eventually, your speaking improves too.

A lot of these lessons also have my very powerful point of view lessons. These are my grammar lessons. But you never study grammar rules, I promise. You won’t think about grammar rules. You will learn English grammar automatically and easily. You will learn how to use it correctly without thinking. You will never think about grammar rules again. And that’s fantastic. It’s more fun, It’s easier and it is much more powerful. This is the way to learn grammar. Use my point of view stories. All the more advanced lessons will include it as well. You get those too.

Finally, most of these lessons have the text so if you have trouble understanding something, you can read it. And that is an additional, extra way to increase your understanding and learn faster. And finally, one more bonus, many of those lessons also have a bonus commentary. In the commentary, I chat about the topic of the lesson and you just listen. It is just an easy extra listening for you.

Using all of these lessons together each day, you will improve very very quickly, I promise. In fact, I guarantee you will. We have a very strong guarantee at Effortless English. If you use all of the lessons for six months and you are not happy, you are not satisfied we will give your Money back, you will return your money.

But I know, you will be satisfied. Because our students are successful and you also will be successful when you get the lessons now. So how can you use these lessons? How do you get them? It’s very easy. Read the article below, and you will learn more click the big red button that says “Buy The Lessons Now” you will pay using your credit card and after you pay, you will immediately get an e-mail with a link to the lessons.

You can use them right now, you click the link and download the lessons to your computer immediately, right now. So, you can start today, you can start now, learning with Effortless English. Then, you listen to the lessons on your computer or on your iPod.

You can listen to the lessons with your iPod on the bus, in the car when you are shopping, when you are at home when you are walking when you are exercising. It is so convenient, It is so easy. That’s why we sell them on the internet. Because it is quick, it is easy for you. So convenient. So, read this article, click the big red button, get my lessons and start today. Start improving your English speaking right now. And I will see you again. Bye bye.

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