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unlimited-spanish-courseI want to talk to you about Effortless Spanish lessons. You probably already know about the Effortless English lessons I have mentioned about it before. And this is a brand new learning Spanish course that Ocsar Pellus has created using the same method of Effortless English. Because the old methods of learning Spanish are boring and useless, you will learn Spanish fast and with an enjoyable way of the Unlimited Spanish Program.

There are mini-stories in the Unlimited Spanish course. Oscar uses listen and answer method in these mini-stories and you need to answer loudly easy questions to improve speaking skills. This is the same way with the Effortless English listen and answer stories method. Unlimited Spanish lessons are suitable for beginners and intermediates. Now, please watch below short video about AJ Hoge’s recommendation for Unlimited Spanish learning lessons.

AJ Hoge Recommending Unlimited Spanish

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Hi, I am AJ Hoge of Effortless English Club. I started using Oscar’s Spanish lessons a few weeks ago, about three weeks ago. And they are really great way to learn Spanish. And of course, you know I love the method because he is using the same story method, the same natural method that I use to teach English. That’s why we call them Effortless Spanish lessons.

And it’s a very powerful method, it’s really the ideal way to learn a language and actually be able to speak it. Because you know in school. We learn in a way that where we’re learning with our eyes, we are memorizing things. We were focused on grammar and I think most people have the experience of learning that way. And then getting into a situation where you want to actually speak the language and you can’t. Nothing comes out. That’s my situation with Spanish.

Effortless Spanish Lessons For Fluency

But as I’m learning with Oscar’s Unlimited Spanish lessons I’m enjoying the process more actually understanding real spoken Spanish more and more. And now the words of Spanish are popping into my head a little bit. So it’s really great. It’s a natural way to learn and is much more powerful it’s much faster and it’s the way to learn Spanish when you want to really speak it.

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Rocket Spanish Course For Online Learning

Another great course for learning Spanish online is the Rocket Spanish course. If you are looking for a Spanish course that betters all areas of your Spanish simultaneously – that is Spanish reading, listening, speaking, and writing – then Rocket Spanish is the course for you.

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