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Language learning has become incredibly easy with online content. There are many websites and apps that help people learn languages with special teaching methods. They are popular among language learners because they make the process easy and enjoyable. MosaLingua is one of those popular language learning websites and apps. So, you may be wondering, what makes MosaLingua different? Let’s talk about how to learn English with MosaLingua in detail and see its features.

What Is MosaLingua?

mosalingua_learn-english-2 MosaLingua focuses on teaching basic phrases, vocabulary, and grammar to language learners. Just like other apps, MosaLingua uses flashcards to teach. Spaced Repetition System observes the learner’s answers and sets up a specialized schedule and system.

When the learner sees the same vocabulary at a certain time repeatedly, they remember it easily. This makes MosaLingua very effective in language teaching and long-term memorization.

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Knowing enough vocabulary and phrases is important in language learning. Learners must have enough vocabulary knowledge to understand the language and speak. So, it is important to study new vocabulary and memorize them.

As a language learner, you can easily practice new vocabulary from anywhere with MosaLingua. You don’t need to try to memorize them. Spaced Repetition System will help you learn the phrases and vocabulary with minimal effort.


A Wide Selection of Languages

MosaLingua supports many widely spoken languages. You can study English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Italian, and Portuguese with MosaLingua. The app allows you to listen to the audios of native speakers of each language.

Learning Experience Specific to Your Level

MosaLingua is suitable for all learners from beginner to advanced. The app starts with a basic test to understand your language level. This helps learners to access the material that matches their level. So, you don’t need to worry about choosing the right material. The app will do it for you.


You Can See Your Progress

MosaLingua observes your answers to questions all the time and remembers them. It understands when you are struggling to learn a word or a phrase. So, it brings that word more often until you learn. The app holds a record of the words or phrases you know and don’t know under the “Progress” section.

This allows learners to track their progress as well. You can easily see the words you know and the words you need to study more. You can also see all these words in different ways. You can see how many words you know in a specific category, or you can see the number of words you know in each level.

Structured Learning English

When you start learning English with MosaLingua, you are given a set of 5 flashcards. At first, you listen to the given vocabulary or phrases and repeat them. Later, flashcards help you memorize these words. And the final step is writing these words and phrases. MosaLingua introduces the phrases and slowly helps you memorize and learn them. When you complete all the steps, you can test your knowledge and see if you have learned them.

Explore Different Areas With MosaLingua

MosaLingua has a section named “Explore”. In this section, you can see all the different English vocabulary and phrases. You can choose and study the ones you want to learn. For example, you can click on the “Starting a Conversation” section to see all the phrases that are used to start a conversation. So, MosaLingua does not only teach you words specific to your language level, but it also teaches you many words in different areas of life.

Studying English Dialogues

Dialogues are an extremely important part of language learning. Especially in daily life, dialogues allow the language learner to express themselves easily and understand natives clearly. MosaLingua allows you to study dialogues. You can choose different settings to see different dialogues. For example, you can choose “Taking a taxi” to see the relevant dialogue.

You can study dialogues in different steps. You first listen to the dialogue only. This allows the learner to get used to the language and try to guess what the speakers are saying. Second, you listen to the audio with Spanish subtitles to get familiar with the language and understand each word clearly. This is great to practice English speaking.

In the third step, you listen to the same audio with English subtitles. This time you can fully understand the conversation and learn any word and phrase you didn’t know before. Lastly, you are given flashcards to study each word and phrase until you memorize them and learn them.

Don’t Worry About English Grammar

MosaLingua doesn’t teach grammar while helping you learn vocabulary and phrases. Instead, it shows you sentences as an example and helps you understand the general structure without a set of English grammar rules. If you want to learn about specific grammar rules, you can still access them through the “Explore” section.

It is a great feature for people who don’t like studying grammar when they are just beginning to learn a language or those who only want to memorize vocabulary. Now you can learn English without studying grammar rules, Mosalingua is great for you.

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Mosalingua Hands-Free Experience

The “hands-free” section of MosaLingua allows the learners to use the app without needing to touch the screen every time. The flashcards are shown in a certain order like a slide show and the learner is given enough time to think about the answer. The words and phrases are audible. The learner can easily study words and phrases even while walking on the street without needing to touch the phone screen or see the words or phrases.

Learning English apps are great for studying everywhere. So you can listen to English anytime and anywhere you want. Mosalingua is the best app for learning English by listening to useful lessons.

Set Your Own Learning Schedule

MosaLingua app starts by asking you how much time you want to spend studying in a day. The learner can choose to study for 5 minutes each day or more. If you choose to study for 5 minutes, the app designs the learning experience to last 5 minutes. So, you can decide how much time you can spend learning phrases each day. This allows the learner to study vocabulary without effort. You can even study while you are going to work. MosaLingua suggests that you study for 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening. You can easily do this on your way to work and on your way back home.

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MosaLingua is essentially free to use. You don’t have to pay to sign up or download the app. You can start your learning experience and access many different materials for free. However, MosaLingua charges for additional content. For example, there are some dialogues you can access for free. But you have to pay to access the other dialogues.

This means that you can use MosaLingua to boost your learning and memorize basic vocabulary and phrases. However, at some point, these will not be enough for your level, and you will want to learn more. You have to pay a certain amount of money to access these materials.

In this sense, MosaLingua is different from paid apps. You can start using MosaLingua for free to see if you like the website and the application. If you like the app and think it is helping you memorize, you can pay for the additional content. But if you don’t like the app and think it is not helping you or it is not suitable for your learning style, then you can stop using the app without spending any money.

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