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How would you like to improve your English speaking skills? Or get some quick and fun help learning English books you want to read? Even better: what if you could take a learning English course in the time it takes to brew and drink a cup of coffee?

Espresso English is a useful online learning experience for you. If you are the person who wants to speak English more like a native. Of if you have ever wanted to read your favorite American or British novel in English. Especially if you want to improve your English skills at your own speed. Learn when you want. Learn how you want.

espressoenglishOne of the strongest points of Espresso English is that it teaches how to think in English. Learning word by word while you stop to translate the meaning of each individual word is no way to master the language. The lessons you find at Espresso English are all designed to get you to think in the language. Learning to think in another language is key to learning how to have a conversation in another language.

Another key to learning both to read and speak in another language is context. Context means learning how the meaning of words change depending on the words that surround them in a sentence. Have you ever tried a learning English course that taught by making you learn the meaning of a list of words? English may differ from your native language in an important way. Many English words have several different meanings. You cannot improve English speaking skills by learning the meaning of a list of words. Learning English books is only possible if you learn meanings based on how words are put together in sentences.

Espresso English Online Courses Can Help You Do That.

Once you learn that not every word or phrase in English means exactly what it seems to, Bob’s your uncle. To really be successful at learning English books and improving English speaking skills, you have to be a bookworm and not be a copycat.

improve-english-speakingDid you understand the two sentences above? “Bob’s your uncle” and “bookworm” and “copycat” are examples of what are called idioms in English. These are words or phrases that have a meaning that most native speakers understand. These meanings may not be included in a translation dictionary. That makes understanding English very difficult since other examples of idioms are not only many, but new ones keep being created and added.

Espresso English really rises to the “cream of the crop” (which is an idiom meaning the best) of online learning English courses because it knows how important these words and phrases are to mastering the language. Whether you are learning English to help read books or to help have conversations, idioms are important for understanding. Espresso English recognizes this importance and provides a course that teaches how to recognize them.

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This specific lesson in learning these strange ways of communicating in the English language is one of the best examples of why Espresso English is such a great way to learn.  This learning English course is all about putting things like vocabulary, grammar, phrasal verbs together for a complete learning experience. Espresso English: Learn English While Drinking a Cup of Coffee. Please watch below video as a sample of Shayna’s lessons of Espresso English.

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