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The child’s secret by Dr. J. Marvin Brown

Imagine a family moves to the USA. 2 parents and a child. We all know what will happen usually. The child will learn to speak English as a native as an American perfectly. The parents usually will not.

Maybe the parents  will learn to speak English badly. Or maybe the parents will learn to speak English well but with an accent. But we know that the child will sound exactly like an American. And usually the adult parents will not.

Because of this, some people think something is wrong with adult’s brains. But what if the problem was not the brain? What if the adult’s problem and the child’s secret was method of learning?

We know the child will learn English mostly by listening. Especially to friends and other children. We know that most adults try to learn to speak English from classes, textbooks, grammar study, vocabulary study and other unnatural methods.

We know the child wants to fit in with friends. The child does not want to be different to sound different. We know adults are usually proud of their original culture and hold onto it. The child wants to be American just like his or her friends. The child wants to join the culture and fit in.

The adults usually resist the new culture. They fear loosing their own culture. They fear loosing their identity. So the child listens, listens and listens. And in fact, the child refuses to speak English for many months.

Then suddenly, only after a lot of listening English, they start speaking automatically. Their English speaking comes out naturally, as a result of listening silently for many months. This period of only listening English is called “The silent period”.

During this 6-12 months time the child only listens the child does not force speech. The child speaks when ready only when they can understand a lot of English. You can follow this method too. For six months just listen to English every day as much as possible. Relax and don’t force speaking English. A few words of speaking are okay.

But mostly avoid speaking English and just listen to understandable English. After this 6 months period of deep listening, your English speaking will be a lot better. Try it. Focus only on listening English for the next six months. You can use Effortless English mini stories, audios and videos every day. Go to EffortlessEnglishClub.com to learn more about our lessons.

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