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This is another Effortless English video lesson. In this video AJ Hoge is takling about listening stories is more powerful than textbook. Watch below video and then you will find another bonus lesson set to download. That is the most powerful way to learn English.

Hello, this is AJ Hoge of EffortlessEnglish. Today we are going to talk about stories and why they are such a powerful way to learn English. So our title today, Why listening to stories is powerful?

Babies and children listen mostly to 1: Their family and 2: stories. Why are stories powerful? Stories are ancient. (Ancient means very very old) for thousands of years, humans learned through stories. Before writing, people learned history, science and religion with stories.

Reason number 1: stories are very easy to remember.  Stories give a context to information. Context means a natural situation a connection.

In other words, the information in a story is connected. For example, new vocabulary is connected to the characters, the action, the images in the story. You don’t learn the new word alone. You learn the new English word connected to the story.

When you think of the new word you can imagine the part of the story it is connected to. So you remember new English vocabulary much faster when you learn it from a story.  The same is true with English grammar and pronunciation.

Reason 2: Stories are naturally emotional. Even a simple story has some emotion. Stories can be funny, scary, surprising, frustrating, happy. And when we connect emotion to information, we learn English it faster and we remember it longer.

Reason 3: Stories are more interesting and enjoyable. Because stories have emotion, characters, conflict (that mean fighting or struggle or difficulty) they are naturally interesting to us. Obviously, it is much more fun to listen a story than to study a textbook.

Because it’s more fun you want to do it more often and for a longer time. With stories you listen longer and more often, learn faster, remember longer and enjoy it more. That’s why listening to stories is the best way to learn English.

And that’s why Effortless English use silly stories to help you speak English powerfully. Enjoy listening to Effortless English mini stories and learn more in our website at:

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