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study-english-listeningThis is another tip from Effortless English about study programming. As you already know we have to study English listening if we want to speak English fluently. But how much time should we spand for listening English to achieve our goal? How should we program our time for study English listening?

Well, I want you to watch below video lesson about this topic. AJ Hoge from Effortless English Club, respoinding a student’s question. You will find text of the lesson under the video.

How Much Study English Listening

Hi, I am AJ Hoge, the director of Effortless English. It’s time for today’s student question. Here is today’s question: AJ, how much should i study English each day? This is a great question, it’s a super common question student asks me all the time. AJ, how much should i study English, you know 30 minutes every day, 40 minutes every day, an hour, what is the best?

Well the best would be 24 hours a day. But of course you probably have to sleep eventually. And you have probably have a life. You probably have a job or you are going to school. Hopefully you have friends. Maybe you have a girlfriend or boyfriend or a wife or a husband, you may have children. So you have a bussy life. So obviously, for most people studying English 8 hours a day or 10 hours a day, it is not possible, it is too much.

And that is okay, because it is not necessery. So, my best answer for you is at least one hour per day, total. So, if you can listen to English, study and learn English one hour per day, that’s a good amount. That will help you improve, improve, steadily. You will improve by doing one hour a day.

Now, if you are very bussy, maybe one hour still seems like a lot. Oh god, one hour a day, that’s a lot. But it is actually not so tough if you break into pieces. So for example one hour a day you could listen to English fifteen minutes when you wake up in the morning. Later, when you are going to work or going to school or cleaning the house, you could listen to English again for 15 minutes. Now you have 30 minutes in that day.

Then later, when you are coming home or your kids go to school or you are in a bus or when you are driving you could listen another 15 minutes. Now you are up to 45 minutes. And finally before bed you could listen to English again for 15 more minutes, that’s one hour, right. Just little small pieces through the day, anyone can do that. You can certainly do that. That gives you the minimum one hour per day.

Do that in your English speaking definitely will improve. Your listening will improve and your speaking improve. And by the way, i don’t like this word study. Study English. Study has this feeling of school, feels very serious, feels boring to me.

I like the word play. Play English. For example think of sports, a basketball player, right. That people play basketball. People are happy to go out and play basketball for one hour or two hours or more. People love to play soccer or football. They play it.

Even though they are practicing, even though they are getting better the feeling inside the emotion is play, fun, happiness. Well, i want you to have that same feeling as you listen to English, practice English i want you to play English don’t study it.

So one hour mimimum each day. If you can do more that’s great. Of course more is better. The more you do each day the faster you will improve. So if you do two hours per day, again break it into pieces. If you do it two hours per day that’s even better. Three hours per day fantastic. Five hours a day incredible.

Just remember, follow the pattern break things into pieces. Use your ipod, you can walk and exercise and drive and sitting in the bus or train you can do other things as you listen to English by using your ipod. So use this method at least one hour a day. That’s the minimum and more is better.

That’s the answer today’s question. To learn more about the Effortless English system, join our free email course at effortlessenglishclub.com bye bye.

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