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Now, this is the another lesson from Effortless English video series. In this lesson, AJ Hoge is talking about English fluency. And this is really common question which English learners ask all the time “How long to speak fluent English?” Okay, please watch below video and find out more about this topic.

Hi, I’m AJ Hoge from EffortlessEnglishClub.com A common question I get is “AJ, how long will it take with Effortless English System for me to be fluent in English?” How long to speak fluent English? I get this question all of the time and people want some exact number. 3 months, 4 months, 8 months.

But of course it’s impossible to give an exact number because everyone is different. It depends how much will you study and learn English and listen every day. Will you do it every single day? Or will you miss some days? Will you follow Effortless English system exactly? And get faster results, or will you also still study text books and go to your English class and do other things. Which will cause you to go more slowly.

What is your psychology like? Are you strongly motivated, energized and you feel fantastic. You’re excited about learning English? Or not so much. So all of these things affect the speed of you speaking confident powerful English.

Aanother thing, what does fluent mean? This word means different things to different people. Some people when they say I want to speak English fluently. They mean they just want to communicate clearly and confidently.

Not perfectly, not exactly like an American or Canadian. Just communicate fairly well, everyday situations. That’s a common definition of fluency. But other people when they say I want to be fluent what they’re thinking in their minds, their idea is basically perfect spoke in English. They want to speak English exactly as I do. Exactly as a native speaker does. With that perfect North American accent.

So those are two very different ideas about fluency. So again it’s very hard you have to to ask me that question I need to know all of these details. What I generally say is that generally it takes about six months with my Effortless English lessons. Using them every single day in only my lessons.

And when I say fluency I mean to communicate confidently and clearly. Not perfectly, yes you still might make mistakes. Now you might ot have vocabulary a hundred thousand words. But you can communicate most of your ideas and feelings clearly and correctly and people understand you. If you are confident and the words come out of your mouth naturally. That’s what I mean when I say fluently.

So my answer to that question then with Effortless English system. Doing everything I just said to achieve that result is generally six months. When you are very motivated, when you put all of your energy and attention and excitement and passion into English and using Effortless English lessons.

When you listen to Effortless English lessons at least one hour a day, hopefully more. Now if your motivation is lower, your energies lower and other things are not as good it will take longer. So that’s my basic answer. Now you wanna go faster than that. Then you have to increase your energy, increase your motivation, get more and more excited and passionate about learning English.

Listen to Effortless English lessons maybe two hours a day or more and with total concentration total energy total focus and then you can get faster results. So you control a lot have your own success. I’m AJ Hoge from Effortless English Club.

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