Spoken English Words Needta and Gotta

spoken-english-lessonsSpoken English words are very commonly used vocabulary in real life. And you can not learn them with textbooks. Also you can not find them in most of dictionaries. You don’t have to use these kind of words in your own speech but you have to learn tehem to understand native speakers. Because native speakers use these words all the time. Watch this short video below by AJ Hoge of Effortless English and learn two spoken English words meaning.

Learn Spoken English “Needta and Gotta”

Hi I’m AJ Hoge of EffortlessEnglishClub.com Let’s learn two more real English words. Words that are usually not in the dictionary but are very common used all the time. Our first one is Needta. Now this is really just a simple combination of two words: need to “I need to go to work today”. This is how you would say it in a text book or a school, right. But in real life people would say “I needta go to work today”

This is real spoken English. This is what you hear in the United States, Canada and in elsewhere every single day. And you have to learn this real English because real people in the United States and Canada and other English speaking countries, they do not speak like text books, they do not say “I need to go to work today”. They do not speak like actors.Real people say “I needta go to work”.

The other common one is “Gotta”.  Gotta means have to. Something you must do right. For example, “Ohh I must study for my test”. That the textbook way to say it but be common everyday, real English way to say it is gotta. “I gotta study for my test today” I’m gotta do it right. It means I’m must.

Gotta, you might find it in some dictionaries but many dictionaries will not have it. Many text books do not have it and yet we use it every single day, constantly, all the time. You must understand this word. This is essential for learning English.

Gotta means “must” or “have to”. I gotta go to work today. Must go to work today or Needta “I need to”. Needta and Gotta two more very common real spoken English words that you must know and understand. I’m AJ Hoge from Effortless English Club.

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