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This is another video lesson from Effortless English learning video series. In this lesson you are going to learn Wanna and Gonna. These are 2 common words in spoken English. However you probably won’t find these words in a dictionary. These kinds of spoken English vocabulary are used constantly by native speakers and you must learn them.

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Learn Spoken English: Wanna and Gonna

Hi, I am AJ Hoge of Effortless English Club. let’s talk more about real English. Real spoken English which you probably did not learn in your text books. Yet, this is so common that almost everyone in the united states, especially in north America will use this kind of English.

Today, i am gonna teach you two words. One is wanna, and the other is gonna. Wonna and gonna. Now wanna and  gonna, you can’t find them in dictionaries usually but, they’re super common. You will hear that in conversation all the time. And many times, people who are learning English have difficulty with these kinds of words.

Now wanna means want to. Now in a book you’ll see the sentence: “i want to go to the store.” But in fact in real conversation, people are speaking quickly they don’t say “i want to go to the store” unless there are British actor or something trying to pronounce everything very carefully. But that’s not how real people speak English. Real people say wanna, instead of want to.  Instead of saying “i want to go to the store” they will say i wanna go to the store. When it goes to fast, want to sounds wanna.

Another common one is gonna. Now gonna is short for going to. So again, in textbook English we would say  i am going to eat ice cream now. Or i am going to eat ice cream tomorrow. And real life we say i’m gonna. I’m going to eat ice cream i’m gonna go visit my parents tomorrow.

I’m gonna make a million dollars next year, right? Instead of  i’m going to, we say i’m gonna. This is real spoken English and you must learn this. There are many words like this in English. Many combinations of words that we use every single day when we speak English. This is one reason that people who study textbook English, have a hard time have a difficult time understanding real English, when they talk to Americans or Canadians or, you know people from English speaking countries.

Because the real English is not the same as textbook English. These are just two simple examples. There are many more. I’ll tell you about more of them in later videos. But for now, gonna and wanna. So i wanna take a break now. So i’m gonna turn off this video. See you next time i’m AJ Hoge from Effortless English Club.

Effortless English Learning Lessons:

There are 7 rules of Effortless English which help you to learn English fast and easy way. If you want to speak English fluently soon, you should learn these rules and use them in your studying English.

Rule 1: Learn English Phrases, Not Individual words. You should follow this rule to learn English vocabulary faster, remember them longer and use them automatically in your English speaking.

Rule 2: Do Not Study Grammar Rules. When you speak, there is no time to think grammar rules. You must speak quickly. If you study grammar, you want to analyze the language. So you should stop studying English grammar.

Rule 3: Learn English Listening. Textbooks are terrible for learning English. Don’t read them. Children learn English by listening, with their ears. So do not learn English with your eyes.

Rule 4: Learn English Deeply. To speak English fluently and use vocabulary automatically, instantly you should learn English with lots of repetition. This is not a race. So don’t go fast. Listen and read one English lesson again and again. Until you become a master.

Rule 5: Use Point Of View Stories. To learn English grammar automatically and use it correctly in speaking, you can use Effortless English special point of view stories. These are very powerful lessons to teach you English grammar.

Rule 6: Learn Real English: You learned English from textbook in schools and courses before. But real English is different from textbooks English. Thus you can’t understand movies or any spoken English in real life. To understand native speakers you should learn real English.

Rule 7: Listen And Answer Mini Stories. You used listen and repeat method in schools. But this method doesn’t work. You should use listen and answer method to improve English speaking. AJ Hoge tells a story and he ask a lot of easy questions. You will answer all question loudly and speak English fluently soon.

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