English Listening And Reading At The Same Time

English Listening And Reading together is a good way to study English. You can notice new vocabulary easily when you are reading. Especially you can improve your pronunciation of vocabulary. Reading English when you are listening is very useful to learn writing too.

I want to you watch below video by AJ Hoge from Effortless English about this topic. Also his last course Power English contains text for each listening lessons. You can read them while you are listening at the same time for first day. And the other days of listening, you should only listen them.

Hi, I am AJ Hoge, the director of Effortless English. It’s time for today’s student question. The question is that: Should I read and listen at the same time. So, our funs and students know that Effortless English is a listening system. To improve your English speaking, you must do a lot of listening.

But sometimes students wants to know if it’s helpful to listen and at the same time read what you listening to. And yes, that is a fantastic method that is a great thing to do. Especially when you are listening to something new that might be a little diffucult for you.

So if you are listening to something very easy, then you can jsut listen. Don’t use the text. That’s fine if you understand, you know 95% or more, then just listen and don’t read at the same time. However if something is a little more difficult maybe an audio book for example, that you are starting to read and listen to.

listening-english-readingIt is a great idea to listen to the audio and read along at the same time. Then if there is something that’s hard to catch in the audio where you can see it the text. And you will understand what that word it’s. Also if you find a new word a word you don’t know it all, you can pause the audio, look at the text. If necessary you can look in a dictionary and find the meaning of that new word.

So, my best recommendation is use listening and reading at the same time with new material. Especially with new material or with somewhat difficult material. Then later, you can put away the text and then listen again to that same audio, just listening only.

You always want to have the goal of the understanding just the audio only. Because obviously in a real English conversation there is no text. Nobody is going to show you a text when you talk to someone.

However text is useful in the beginning stage to help you understand you material. Then you put away the text and you listen to it again and again just listening. That’s the best way to use text with audio. And that’s today’s student question. I will see you again on EffortlessEnglishClub.com

As a result and finally: Reading and listening together is a great method for improving your spoken English.  This is especially helpful with new or more difficult material.  Whenever possible, get both the text and audio version of a novel or article! Once you understand all of the vocabulary, put away the text and just listen. Remember deep learning, listen to every audio many times.

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P.S. New Power English Course has lots of useful and interesting English listening audio lessons with pdf text. So you can practice English listening and reading at the same time. This is the best course to improve your listening and speaking skills. So, I highly reccommend these lessons for intermediate and advanced learners.

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