Effortless English Mini Story Lessons

I want to show you one more video about Effortless English system. This time we will look at how mini stories work. I posted a few lessons about mini story lessons before. But this is a new another video by AJ Hoge‘s voice. Watch below video and you will find a bonus lesson set at the end of this lessons. You can download it and find out how is a mini story lesson.

Listen And Respond Mini Story Lessons

Hello, this is AJ Hoge from EffortlessEnglishClub.com Today we are going to talk about mini story lessons. Listen and respond mini story lessons. These lessons are the fastest way to master core most common English.

They are a specific way to tell or ask a story. Listen and respond mini stories hav the most common English vocabulary and grammar. In a stange, easy to remember story. And the story is told in a special way.

We use lots and lots of easy questions to tell the story. Why? Well reason one, with the questions we repeat key English grammar and vocabulary many times. So you remember the grammar and  vocabulary longer and learn it more deeply.

Reason two: By answering questions you teach yourself to think in English. In real conversatinos, you don’t repeat what the other person said. You respond their questions. You answer quickly. As you use Effortless English mini stories try to answer questions quickly. Just answer with one or two words.

You can answer silently in your head or loudly, out loud. Or if you prefer, just listen and don’t worry about answering at all. Repeat each mini story at least 10 times for deep learning. Enjoy the strange and funny situations. Your English listening, vocabulary, grammar and speaking will gradually improve, automatically.

The mini stories are the most powerful lesson in the Effortless English system. Listen to them daily, even when they seem easy. This will teach you to speak English powerfully. Go to effortlessenglishclub.com for more mini story lessons.

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