Practice English With Native Speakers Necessary?

This is another video lesson from Effortless English system about how you can make English practice with native speakers or is that really necassary? Watch below video and find out how you speak English powerfully.

Hi, I am AJ Hoge of Common question or comment that I get frequently from learners is: What can I do? Where I live, there are no native speakers. There are no Americans in my town, no British people, no Australian. I will never be practice English, what can I do? It is impossible, I have no chance to practice English that means I can’t speak English well.

They are alwasy so worried and stressed. Well, than I will give them some good news: You don’t need to practice English with a native speaker with someone living in your town and you don’t need to go to United States or to England to speak English powerfully. It is not necessary.

I will tell you a story about a japanese girl i met in and her name is Shiory. And I met her when i was teaching English in Japan several years ago. And we went a coffe shop and we started chatting and she spoke English very well.

So whenever I meet someone who speaks English very well, I am very curious so, i will always ask them you know, how did you learn English, how did you study, what method did you use? And what did she do? She did not practice English with lots of American people in fact. What she did, was constantly listened to in English. She listened, listened and listened English all the time, real English. She got it from the internet, from different audios.

And she constantly listened to movies, tv shows, everyday she was constantly listening English. So then she finally met me and started chatting with me. Her first time really talking with a native speaker. She spoke English very well, she’s understood very well.

So, English speaking comes from listening. Yes it’s great of course if you can chat with people if you can get a conversation partner in your hometown or an American friend, yeah that’s great of course it can help. But it is not necessery. So if you can’t do that in your hometown instead of worrying and getting so nervous, focus on what you can do.

Because you can still learn to speak English powerfully, correctly, clearly and understand it very well simply by listening to lots and lots of real English every day. And with the internet you have so much available. When you have these videos from me, use them for listening practice. You can listen to a different video every day.

In my e-mail course, i give you audios, mp3s i give you some sample lesson in my free e-mail course. On my podcast, there is so many audios, mp3 files put them on your phone or your ipod and listen to them. And then of course you can watch news programs, tv shows, all kinds of things from America, from Canada from the UK, from Australia. It is all out there on the internet so focus on that.

Focus your energies and what you can do, on what really help your English speaking that is massive and huge amount of listening English every day, as much as possible. Do that, i guaranty your English speaking will improve quickly and you will speak English powerfully.

So, stop focusing on what you can’t do. And focus on what you can do and on what’s possible on these amazing resource that you have now. All of these incredible audios from Americans, Canadians etc. All that available to you right now. That’s what you should be focusing on. That’s what you should be using everyday. Do that, you will speak English powerfully, i guarantee it. I am AJ Hoge of Effortless English

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