Learning English Schools Are Useless And Boring

english-schoolsYou have probably went to learning English schools in your country before. And you might realized that something is worng. Yes you are right. Today, I am going to share a video tutorial by AJ Hoge of Effortless English. He is talking about the reasons why English learning schools are evils. Watch below video to find out his opinions.

Hi, I am AJ Hoge the director of Effortless English. Time for another student question. This is my favorite questions. “AJ, why do you hate English schools so much?” Well, there are a lot of reasons for that. I do indeed “hate English schools” of course, I don’t hate the people who are working in English schools. I don’t hate the teachers. I taught in English schools in the past for many many years. So I don’t hate the people. They are finest people.

But I do hate the system. I hate the kind of English school system or even that public school system where English is taught in classes. Middle schools, high schools, conversation schools that kind of thing. I really hate that system. And the reasons are very simple.

Number one, most English schools and English classes in schools are boring and boring, you know this. Because I know you have suffered in many boring English classes. What happens in most English classes? In most English classes, you sit in a chair and the teacher writes on a board and writes an English sentence: “The boy was good”. And then, the teacher circles the words and explains them in your language usually. This is a verb, this is a noun, this is an article and you take a lot of note. And eventually you start to feel very sleepy.

And then, they write another sentence. Then you read from the textbook. Maybe you listen to a little CD I of two actors pretending to have a conversation; Hello, hello name is AJ. Nice to meet you. How are you? I’m fine, and you?

That sound familiar? That’s what I heard in many many English schools that is same conversation. So unnatural. No one speaks like this. Not even close. And it’s also just boring, right. The tone, there’s no energy, no emotion in the voices. So the text books are boring. Usually you don’t listen to audios very much. In most English schools there are not much audio. Maybe a little and it’s usually very boring also. Sometimes it’s you know, you’re just sitting there for an hour and getting sleepy. So boring, number one.

Number two: schools can be very stressful. Especially you know, the middle school or high school. Sometimes University is very stressfu. Why? Because they’re testing you all the time their grading you giving you grades. So you are afraid to make mistakes, righ? You’re afraid if you make a writing mistake. You know a big X. You’re afraid to make a speaking mistake. And the teacher will say no that’s wrong. So, it starts to create a lot of stress with English. So you start to feel nervous and stressful when you speak English or hear English. That’s also terrible. That’s not what we want.

When little children learn English, not in school, when they just learn English with their parents, they’re just playing and talking and having fun. They’re playing games and it’s very relaxed. And so, they don’t care about mistakes. They make a lot of mistakes.  Lots and lots of mistakes. But they have no fear, no worry, no shyness, no nervousness. So they quickly learned to speak in a very easy way, very quick way, very natural way. And that’s what you want. Schools do not teach that. They teach the opposite. So there’s just too much pressure in schools.

And finally schools are very passive usually. What I mean by passive, I mean the teachers that in front of the class and talks talks talks. And you sit in your desk and do nothing. Sometimes the teacher might ask you to turn and talk to someone else. Talk to other student: Hi how are you? I’m fine and you? And you practice a little bit. But it’s very passive, not active. The energy is very low.

So for all these reasons and many more, I generally hate English schools and classes in schools. It’s not a good way to learn English. And I’m sure you understand what i’m saying. You have probably been in a lot of English schools and classes. You probably found them boring or stressful or passive or all of them.

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