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Hi, I am AJ Hoge of Effortless  English. Common question I get many times from students, from learners, from our members is this: How do I study without getting sleepy? See a lot of people when they start listening to English, they are listening English a lot which is great. Well they start to get kind of sleepy. At the same thing happens to me that. It is a common problem.

Now, if you think about it is a common problem usually happen, it’s usually when you are sitting inside somewhere maybe you are in a library,  maybe you are in the room or your house. Maybe you are in a subway or on a train or something a bus. And you are listening English and your concentrating for a while but than your energies drops and drops and than start getting sleepy.

And of course when your energy drops and you get sleepy, you are not really focusing, you are not concentrating. You are not truly listening. Therefore you are not truly learning English. So, yes this is a big problem. And what’s my solution it’s very simple: move your body.

Why just sit on your butt in a chair and listen to English. That’s not necessary, go outside and walk. Get an ipod, get your iphone or smartphone whatever and put your English listening onto your ipod, onto your phone and put on some headphones get outside. Walk, move your body as you are listening to English.

This helps so much because as you move your body you create energy. You create physical energy in your body. That also helps to keep your brain awake, keeps your mind awake because you are moving. Also becouse you can look at lots of different things you have a interesting landscape to look at you can look at people, you can look at buildings, you can look at trees whatever.

So your eyes are getting some stimulation this also keeps you awake. When you are sitting in a room looking at the same wall or same table for a long time, your mind kind of goes to sleep. So get outside you move your body create this energy in your body. It wakes up your brain and that helps you concentrate better. Because you can concentrate because you’ve more physical energy, you actually will listen more and you will listen longer.

And therefore, you actually learn more and learn English faster. So, don’t sit down ever listen as we move when I do as class live with students. We are constantly having breaks or we’d jump in dancing move all the time.

Because I know that helps to keep you awake and alive and that helps your brain to learn English faster. So don’t sit on your butt all the time when you listen to English. Get outside move and move as you listen. Allright, i will see you again next time.

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