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This is a video tutorial by AJ Hoge from Effortless English Club. Let’s talk about pronunciation. Let’s talk about the TH sound. This is the sound that gives some people some problems. Actually there are two sounds we will talk about with they’re spelled with TH. The first is a soft sound and its found in words like thank, like “thank you”.

Th-sound-pronunciationSecond is a little, a buzzy sound like a bee or a fly. And it’s very similar but we say th. And its in such words as that or the there, although. There’s a little bit of a buzz to it. So for some people the sounds are easy no problem. But for some people they’re quite difficult.

Let’s talk about the softer version first. Now when you’re practicing pronunciation, it’s best to exaggerate. It means, to exaggerate means, make this sound super strong. Much stronger than normal. This will help you get it correctly. So when you learning the soft TH, ( for example thank you) stick your tongue way out like this.

And kind a put it against top teeth. And than you blow air through your teeth. Blowing the air it’s kinda coming out my teeth. You would say thank you. So I’m sticking my tongue against my top teeth and then I blow air through my top teeth. Of course when I speak fast and I’ll stick my tongue out. But exaggerate this and practice it if this is a tough sound for you. And you should exaggerate it do everything too much really big. Watch below Effortless English video tutorial to learn more.

How To Pronounce TH Sound

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Effortless English Video Tutorials

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