How To Practice English Job Interview

In this English lesson we are going to look at practicing English job interviews. And we’ll watch a tutorial from Effortless English video series about the topic. This is really important topic that most English learners should give it attantion.

Job interviews within English can be quite demanding. How can you cross an English job interview? How should you get ready for job interviews? How will you deal with the strain? Your occupation as well as potential career might rely on successfully completing job interviews in English. Now, watch below video clip, AJ talks about a strategy for practicing effective solutions.

Job Interview In English

Hi I am AJ Hoge of Effortless English Club Let’s talk about job interview. Especifically job interview in English. Job interviews are another situation that can cause a lot of stress a lot of nervousness even in your own language. But when you have to do a job interview in English of course, than it’s much scarier and you can feel a lot more nervous.

I think of job interviews as just a special kind of English presentation. Making a speech to a group you are basically giving a presentation about yourself to one or maybe a couple of interviewers. But it’s that same pressure and the same stress same need to perform under pressure.

And therefore that technique of practicing when you are in an excited state when you have a lot of adrenaline also useful for job interviews. so when you practice for a job interview don’t do it when you’re just feeling relaxed to calm. You know a lot of people they have a list of job interview questions from some book or something and they practice giving their answers but they do it just sitting down and gonna relaxed and so the practicing but when the job interview comes of course, the heart beats they get more nervous.

english_job_interviewsOh my god, than you feel really nervous, right. You’r sit down you’re looking at the person they start asking you these questions: What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? Why do you want to work here? Why should we hire you? All these kind of direct questions are difficult questions.

If you don’t practice, under pressure, than you will not perform well under pressure your practice needs to be close to the real event. So once again I would like to put on music. Get really excited I and getting a little bit tired physically so jump up and down until breathing heavy and hearts beating and suddenly I will grab a card and look at a job interview question practice my answer.

While i am feeling tired. While i am breathing heavy, while my heart’s beating. While i am feeling on this excitement and energy in my body. Than i will give my answer. Than i will do it again. I will get excited. I will grap another questionin and practice my answer. And I repeat this again and again and again. I practice with my body being very excited and energized right. It is close to feeling nervous and I start to train my body instead of feeling nervous I’m going to feel excited and powerful during a job interview.

So again I use rock’n roll music, powerful music. And geg myself really excited. Than i grap a question, What is your greatest strength and I look, i practice. Maybe i look at a mirror and say my greatest strength is that i am persistent. I never stop. I never quit. When i have a problem, I will keep working on it again and again and again. If i can’t the answer, I go and ask other people. If they can’t help me, than I get on the Internet. I read books. I do whatever I need to do, to find the solution to the problem. That’s a powerful job interview answer.

See i practice it in a powerful state. I’m actually standing, sitting in front of someone, I might not be quite so loud about it. Depends on the interview. You know releax and overwhelmed them. Heavy is too strong. But I practice in that state because I know during interview, i maybe nervous.

So i wanna practice dealing with all that energy. And i also when i get powerful confident answers, you must practice that you must train it. Because you just practice at home. Oh well I am really persistence. Like you are looking your answer and saying it. I am really persistent and I don’t give up. You are practicing with this kind of emotion. Wel than in the job interview guess what? That’s the same emotion you will have.

Except it’ll be worse because the job interview you will be nervous. Your heart will be beating faster. So that your voice started shaking and you will say;“I am really persistent and I don’t give up. I never quit never stop. You know if there is a problem, I just find an answer.”

You forget a lot of great stuff you are going to say. And most important your voice tone, your face, your body will not look strong. They won’t be confident. You must practice this. So you just do with speaches. When you are practicing for job a interview.

Put some loud music. Get yourself excited. Than you give your answer. Say it to the mirror. Feeling strong and powerful just let the English come out. Don’t worry about grammar mistakes. What is much more important than grammar or vocabulary or mistakes. It is just your attitude, your emotion, your feeling, your confidence, your passion. That’s what the employer wants to see and feel.

You must practice it, you must train it day after day after day before the interview. So the job interview comes you are ready and you will do a great job. I use this technique many times and it worked great for me getting jobs. And it will work for you to. But you must practice it every day. Practice it with that powerful emotion, it works. I am AJ Hoge of

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