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Hi I am AJ Hoge, the director of the Effortless English Club. Time for today’s student question. This is a simple question. AJ, what is the Effortless English engine that you are always talking about?

The Effortless English engine is that called metaphor its just and idea to help explain our system. So if you can imagine again a car. Let’d imagine you have a car and you want to drive somewhere. You want to go fast and you want to enjoy it.

So you could have a very old, broken, stinky car that goes really slow and constantly breaks. And you could put some old dirty gasoline into it. And then that car would not drive well. It would take a long time to get to the destination. It might break along the way. And you propably would not enjoy driving it so much.

On the other hand, you could have a very fast, fun race car, powerful car. Like a Ferrari or someting like that. And you cuold put the best gasoline into it. Very clean super powerful race car fuel. And if you drove that car at the same destination you would go very fast and you propably would have a lot of fun.

So this is the idea of the Picture we use when we describe learning English. So the car that’s how you learn English, the destination is excellent English speaking. So you want to get to the point of speaking excellent English. And you need some method to get you there.

So the method that’s the car. So you think about that we have two parts of that right. Number one, we have the car or the engine. And the number two, we have the fuel, the energy we put into it. And you need both. If you have a great car, but no gas (or bad gas), it would not go quickly. It would not drive well.

If you have a great, super clean, the best possible gasoline fuel and you put it in old, bad car it will also drive badly. So you need both. So when we talk about those two things we say the car or engine, that is the method of learning English. It is the learning method.

In our Effortless English method we call that the seven rules of excellent English speaking. That’s our engine of Effortless English.  And we have a free email course that describe each of the 7 rules. Now, what is the gasoline? Gasoline is your motivation, your energy, your emotional power. That is also very important.

In our Effortless English system, especially in our Power English lessons or vip program, we teach you exactly how to increase your emotional power. How to increase your motivation. How to increase your confidence so that you feel stronger, more powerful, more energetic when you are learning English and when you are speaking English and anytime you are listening English.

So these two parts are both important. The energy, the motivation and also the specific learning method together. That creates the Effortless English engine. And It will help you get to excellent English speaking faster.

And that is today’s question. You can learn more on Effortless English Club and join our free email course. I will see you there, bye bye.

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