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This is another video of spoken English tutorials by AJ Hoge of Effortless English Course. Let’s learn some more real English. Real Spoken English. Start with the word Whaddya. So Whaddya is used very frequently in fast speaking. Now it’s not an official dictionary word. You will not find it in the dictionary probably, and yet you will hear it again and again and like many words of this kind. It’s actually a combination of a few words. Pushed together pronounced quickly and pronounced a little differently than normal.

What Whaddya Means?

spoken-english-tutorials-02It means, “What do you”. We use it for example, Whaddya want to do? It means” What do you want to do?” Now this is something that friends will say to each other. You know countless times are anybody use this. It is so common and this is something you will hear daily. And it’s use as a common phrase. That’s how you learn it in a text book or in a school “What do you what to do”.

But we almost never say that in real life. We say “Whaddya want to do?” This is again another reason that learners from other countries often have a hard time. You learn textbook English. You learn school English and you didn’t hear that phrase, right?  You learn “What do you want to do?” which we don’t pronounce that way. So Whaddya means “what do you”. And we can also say wanna. We learned it before. Wanna means “what do”Or we use want ta.They both mean “want to” So “Whaddya wanna do?” means ”What do you what to do?”

Now another common phrase you hear lot is WHATCHA. I use this all the time. when I I call my friends like Kristen and i will say “Hey Kristen Whatcha doing?” Whatcha means “what are you”. But again this kind of push together words and the pronunciation is changed.  You probably will not find it in a dictionary also. But it’s commonly used all of the time, every single day. Whatcha means “what are you”.

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We say Whatcha and then we can say doing. Lots of times we drop that final G sound. We just say doin. You learned in school “What are you doing?” It is the proper, you know dictionary or textbook way to say it. But that’s not real spoken English.  Real spoken English often is Whatcha doin’. So we have two words:

  • Whaddya: What do you
  • Whatcha: What are you

So these are two words basically the same meeting. But it has just different pronunciation. But they’re used very commonly. I mean this is just a common everyday way of speaking and real spoken English.  Now as with all of these kind of words, it’s not necessary for you to actually use it. You don’t have to say it, but you absolutely need to understand it. This is AJ Hoge video for spoken English tutorials from effortlessenglishclub.com

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