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Effortless English is a really great course that not only help you to learn English speaking, but also gives you a mission to help people with energy and passion. In this lesson, please watch below video and AJ Hoge talking about mission of Effortless English.

Hello, I am AJ Hoge the teacher of Effortless English. Let’s talk about mission. The mission of Effortless English and why this makes Effortless English different. So Effortless English has a mission. The mission is to explore new opportunities for growth to bring confidence, vitality and happiness to people all over the world to boldly go where we have never gone before.

Which I borrowed a little bit from a TV show. But I really like I change the words. But the point is that the mission is a deeper meaning as what it is. The most companys, most the websites, most text books, they are only focused on the language. It’s just vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation. That’s basically it. That’s their focus. The reason I think that is ineffective and weak is that we always have to remember why we are using English.

But what is the point? It’s not just to learn a bunch of vocabulary. It’s not just you memorize a bunch of grammar rules. Because the language is only tool, any language. Now at this time in history, English is the international language; of business, of travel, of government, of media. That’s just the way it is. That’s the world we live in now.

And so that’s why you are learning English, right? Of course that’s why. But at a deeper level, you have to think well why, why do I care about that? why do I want to learn the international language? What’s the direct mean to you. Well it’s to connect with other people around the world, right?

In your own country, you speak your own language and you can at contribute to other people. You can communicate with other people in your own country. You can connect with them. You can do business in your own country, you can work in your own country. You can study and learn in your own country. And make friendships in your own country, provide leadership. Learn and teach all these things. You can do your own country in your own language.

When you want to go beyond your own country in effect the whole world, connect with the whole world English is the best communication tool for that. And that’s what mission is important. Because a mission gives you feeling that while you’re doing that, right? Why you’re doing it? Not to pass a test. Not just for some small selfish reason. But a bigger reason.

Now at Effortless English, we have a certain mission. Maybe you have other big reasons too, but as a group, as a company, as it an individual myself we have a mission. and part of our values are that our members are devoted to this mission it means that as a member you also agree to this mission, you agree to help this mission.

Especially that middle part, right? To bring confidence, vitality and happiness to people all over the world. Simply that means we try to make the world a happier better place. To bring confidence to people means, help other people feel stronger not weaker, right?

In school so many times, teachers be experts make the students feel weaker are stupiter or belower them. We’re not like that were quite the opposite we want people to feel stronger my job as a coach as a teacher is for you to feel stronger and stronger more confident.

But as a member Effortless English, when you join our course,s when you become a member of our community, you also agree to this mission. So that with other people in our community and hopefully in your life, in all over the world, we have a chance you help other people feel stronger, feel better. You don’t make them feel weaker you help bring them up.

Vitallity, another part of that mission, that is means feeling more alive, more energetic, right. I want you to feel more alive and energetic. that’s why when I teach I have so much energy and jumping around. Sometimes I’m really tired maybe I’m not feeling very good. But when I teach, when I view videos, whenever I’m communicating with you, with our Effortless English community, I give all my effort to have a lot of energy, to help you feel more alive to help you feel more strong to to feel more energetic, as you’re learning English, as your trying to get some big dream or goal of your life.

And of course happiness, we wanted just bring more happiness to people. We want, of course, to be more happy ourselves in our lives. Also use to make other people happy I want all the members of our community in Effortless English.  Worldwide to feel more happiness. That’s why in our VIP programs and ACC program for example, I teach a lot of strategies for be more successful, be more happy.

But also just again, I tried my best to be happy and positive and friendly when I’m teaching especialy. Sometimes in my life, I also have tough times but when I’m with our community I try my best the positive and happy. You can feel that too.

So I hope you’ll join this mission. I hope you also continue to grow that’s part of our mission too. So always trying to learn always trying to grow. Never stop learning, never stop as long as your life. So please become a member of Effortless English. When you do, accept our mission devote yourself to our mission.

That means to your commitment, your energy to our mission.  working to help other people it contributes to help this mission. Grow and grow and grow in your own life and your family and friends life and our whole communities life. All over the world. Thanks for joining our mission I’m AJ Hoge, the techer of  EffortlessEnglishClub.com

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