Why Are You Learning English?

This is the another video from Effortless English learning video series. And in this video, AJ Hoge is talking about your purpose of learning English. If you are aware your purpose, your goal and be passion about it, you will succeed it fast and easy. So please watch below video about this topic.

Hi I am AJ Hoge Effortless English Club.com. And it’s important for you to really think about why. Why are you learning English? Not for a test, not for a grade, not for you know some reason. You know someone told you to think about what can it do for your life.

For me i think of English is opening up an international life of adventure. When you speak English well you can travel in South America, Central America, North America. Throughout Asia, throughout Europe, it opens the whole world to you.

I do this myself this is my life, I travel constantly. Right now I’m in Japan next to an old temple. You know it’s a nice, in the in the mountain, in the forest in Japan. Later i’ll be in the United States. Then I’m going to Southeast Asia and the Thailand and Indonesia and travel around I was in Europe. And every place I go I speak English.

Sadly I don’t speak any other language fluently. I know a little Spanish a little Japanese. But the truth is, I can function and survive and travel and meet people and communicate quite well. Almost anywhere in the world with English.

That’s what English gives you. It gives you the opportunity to also have an international life of adventure, of travel,  of friendship. To really be a global citizen to live globally, to learn from other people in other countries. Travel anywhere and everywhere you want with this one English language. That’s what it gives you, and that’s what opens up.

Of course in this can also open up international job opportunities business opportunities there’s so much. That’s what you need to focus on, not some score on a test. Or some school grade or some class paper or all that other bullshit that does it matter at all. It’s not important. What’s important is your international Iife of adventure. Create it for yourself. I’m AJ Hoge of Effortless English Club.com.

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