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Hi friends, this is the video lesson from Effortless English Club for essential steps 2. If you didn’t watch essential step number 1, click here to watch it now. In video number 1, AJ Hoge talked to us about health and energy.

And now Essential step number 2, AJ Hoge is talking about the mission. So these are very powerful video series from Effortless English Club wich give us so important information and passion. Watch below video for essential step 2 and you can find transcript under the video.

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Hi, this is AJ and welcome to the second webinar. This is Step 2, the second essential step for change and leadership. Remember I said I would teach you all 7 essential steps. So in each email you’ll get a link to videos and text and each one will cover one step. So this is step number 2. So you learned step number 1 already. You know that health and energy are really the foundation for everything else. It’s the first thing you’ve got to take care of. If you’re tired, it’s hard to do.

So I’m assuming that you’re starting to improve your health and energy, or at least you’re thinking about doing that. What do you do next? What’s the second step? Well, once again the second step is not obvious. It’s maybe not what you would think. So you’re wanting to make a big change. Maybe you’re wanting to make a huge improvement in your English speaking or you’re wanting to make some other big change in your life or start your own business, whatever it is. So you know you need energy, what’s Step 2?

Step 2 is you must develop a personal mission or missions. So what does that mean? What is a mission? A mission is really a reason. It’s a purpose. It’s your purpose, your life purpose. Now when people hear that term, oh, life purpose, they kind of, oh my god, that sounds so big, y’know. Click here to download the full text of the video.

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