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Learning English is actually very easy. You can learn English through many ways. You probably only get English lessons at school that may not be so effective to make you proficient. How actually the best way to learn English? well, this is what we are going to do, we will tell you the best way to understand and to be fluent either in English speaking, listening, or reading.

One of the best ways to be a good English speaker or overall to master English is by learning from real English material. What is exactly real English material? Learning a real English material means that we learn English from the real situation. In this case, you have to get rid of your textbook, or textbook CDs. Since textbooks are not efficient to make you proficient and fluent. In fact, there are two ways in order to learn English from real material.

learn-real-english-rule6The first is Reading English Material. Reading is kind of effective way to make you master English overall. However, you are not recommended to read textbooks, because you should find some reading materials that are easy for you. If needed, you can also find some fun reading materials. There are some reading materials that you can use such as children book. Perhaps, it is too easy for you, try to read some comics. Or you can also try teenager books. If all of them are too easy, you can read some advanced materials such as magazines, novel, newspaper, article on the internet, and so on.

The second is listening English material. Listening is also the key to master English well. However, we recommend you for not to read any textbooks CDs anyway. You should not listen to the people in the CDs audio because they don’t talk naturally. In this case, you would be better to find some easy and fun materials like children TV program, children movies, or audio books and many more. The audio book may be easier because it provides text and audio. However, if it is too easy, you can watch and listen to teenager TV program, or teenage movies. Yet, if you think that it is still too easy for you, so you can watch adult movie, adult TV show, the news, podcasts, and so on which are more advanced.

The reason why we don’t recommend you to learn from a textbook is because a textbook material is not real. It is not normal English anyway. As we know that textbook material is only used in school, it uses formal English, too stiff. Perhaps, you will understand it in the class, but when you are out of the class, the people use different English, because they use the real English.

In summary, from the explanation above, we can conclude that real English material is better rather than textbook material. Since real English material uses natural English and it is used every day by the people. However, you should not leave textbook anyway, just consider it as the second alternative for you to be fluent in English. So if you want to learn real English, you should use real English materials.

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