How To Pass The TOEFL Exam

One of the teachers of Learn Real English A.J. Hoge is talking about a frequintly asked question “How to pass the TOEFL exam” in below video. Please watch this video carefuly and use the methods he explained. And you will see how your English skills improve quickly.

How to pass the Toefl exam tutorial

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When you’re looking to beef up your language skills in English, you’ve heard about all sorts of things that you can do like flash cards, practice tests, and conversation practice. It’s definitely a good idea, but if you are looking to get into the everyday kind of language that you can use when you travel, here are some great tips.

Read English popular books

Books are great because you are going to be able to get engrossed in a story – especially if you love to read – and you will be able to pick up skills in English pretty quickly. You’ll be able to see how things come together and you’ll get so much into the plot that you’ll actually find that you are reading at your normal pace.

Try to work on your English listening skills

Whatever words that you don’t understand in the book will be able to be understood when you listen to the audiobook version. The best thing to do is read and listen at the same time, as that will keep you understanding the similarity to what you’re reading and what you’re hearing. It’s the ultimate immersion experience.

English Magazines

toefl examPopular magazines are great for staying up to current events in a foreign language. You’ll be motivated to read because of the topics, but you’ll find that you will also be able to understand what’s going on because the magazines use short articles and easy words. It’s an absorbable way to understand English in a format that is actually going to work for you, unlike flash cards and foreign films that are so fast you are just getting frustrated. This will all come together to help you get the positive results that you’re looking for.

Learn Real English Conversation Course

Learn Real English conversation course is the best course which you can improve your English listening and speaking skills. There are lots of idioms, slang and common expressions to learn in English. So if you want to understand real English, you should learn from the real English conversations.

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