LRE Rule 3: Learn English With Your Ears

Learn Real English conversation program‘s rule number 3 is very powerful and many of schools ignore it. They use textbooks to teach English. It means you try to learn English with your eyes. However the most natural way to learn English is using your ears. It is imput method and very natural which all children use to learn their mother language.

Now please watch below video to find out more about Learn Real English rule 3. You can also download free mp3 listening lesson with its pdf text for this lesson at the bottom of this post. Please share this page to view the download link.

Learn Real English Rule 3: Listen First

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Learn Real English rule 3: learn English with your ears and not with your eyes

The Rule # 3 to learn English is very simple yet equally powerful too. In fact, it can be considered as the most important rule. The Rule # 3 can also be called as the “listen first rule”.

What is listen first

Listen first basically means using your ears to learn and not thorough your eyes. When you are learning with your ears, then you need to listen, and listen more. Ideally, you are supposed to be listening for six months or even longer before it will become possible for you to start speaking!

Get English Fluency

learn-real-english-rule-3In order to speak Real English, you need fluency. That becomes possible only when you focus on listening first. Listening allows you to learn grammar. You also learn vocabulary this way. Your understanding of the language gets better and faster this way. A lot of research has been done about this aspect of listening.

In fact, you learn language in your middle school, high school or even in college through your eyes. This is why you may be having problems speaking that language today. You were learning language by focusing on textbooks, and learned how to read and how to write it. You may have even learned how to think in that language. Probably you would know a lot of grammar rules too as you have studied them from a book. But a native speaker does not learn with his eyes. He learns with his ears.

A baby does not pick up a book and start learning various grammar rules. A baby does not learn with the eyes, but with the ears through listening. A baby is able to learn the language by listening to the sounds made by his parents and by speaking to them. If you notice here, a baby takes a year, or even up to two years, to listen before he starts speaking.

Now you need to see how you must learn English. You must listen first in order want to speak English in an easy, quick and correct manner.

Rule number 3 of the Learn Real  English, basically comprises of two things. You need to understand both of these before you move on. They will tell you how to make the best use of this rule in order to speak English in a simple and fluent manner very quickly!

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