LRE Rule 2 Do Not Study Grammar Rules

Learn Real English Rule number 2 is very surprising for most of English learners. Because, you have been told that you should learn English grammar rules constantly. So please watch below video to find out more about the 2. rule of Learn Real English system. You can also download the mp3 listening lesson for this topic at the end of this page.

Learn Real English Rule 2:

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Learn To Speak English From Proper Input

If English is not your native language, then you may feel tensed when you speak with others in English! However, have you ever thought that why do you feel afraid while speaking in English when nearly half the population of this planet use this language for conversation? It’s because English is not a language that is used for conversation in your home or among your friends. When you try to learn something thinking it to be different from that you are accustomed to you feels stressed and the subject seems tough!

Grammar rules make things tougher

When you start learning English for your tutor the first thing they ask you is ‘learn Grammar.’ They will teach you about different types of sentences, noun, preposition, adverbs, tense and the list continues. You will find that when you speak a sentence if you start thinking that whether you should past perfect tense or present perfect tense you will become more tensed! So, forget about grammar rules!

Astonished? Your teachers in schools, colleges, universities, and language schools must have always recited the same words, “follow grammar rules.” Then, what’s the reason that someone is asking you to forget grammar rules, something that is well-acclaimed by the world?

This is because when you learn grammar, you try to use the rules that you have learnt while you speak. Now, you speak much faster than you write. So, when you are speaking fast your brain have to process things fast, which it cannot. As you know too much about English grammar rules and you try to check everything. Result? Your English speaking becomes slow and you start losing confidence!

So, if you stop learning so many grammar rules, you can find things are easier. However, are you thinking that then how can you learn English?

Reading and listening, the best way to learn English

So, you are worried that after you stop reading English grammar rules how can you learn English? Just the way babies in an English or American family have learned it! How many grammar books have you read before you start speaking your native language? Probably none!

Then, how did you learn to communicate with your family members and friends? Simple, by listening to what they said from childhood!

Yes, the best way to learn speaking English is to listen to good English. The more you listen to good English, you will automatically learn about sentences and usage of proper grammar. Another input to learn speaking English is reading English books, not your text books, but stories, articles, even children story books will do.

When you read and listen to English regularly you will find that you are able to understand what is correct and what is not! You will start feeling confidence. If you listen to various English channels or watch English movies you will find that you are able to understand good English. You are no more feeling shy while speaking and all these without learning from those English grammar books!

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