LRE Rule 4: Deep Learning to Master English Very Well

Learn Real English Course‘s 4. rule is learn English deeply. Deeply learning English is very important. Deeply does not mean to go too far, actually, it is the opposite. In this case, you have to learn the English language fundamentally. You will not be able to master something if you do not study it deeply. You have to focus on the subjects so that you truly master it.

Let us take an example, a basketball player will not be able to put the ball into the basket when he does not learn every day. A basketball player will not be able to do a dribbling if he does not often practice. Practicing is not just to practice, but doing the same thing every day until he is good at it. Until finally, when he is in the game, he should not hesitate in doing dribbling, and he will not make a mistake because he has already mastered it.

learn-real-english-rule4What should you do in English? To master the English language such as speaking, you should focus on learning how to speak well so that you are able to do it effortlessly. so, when you’re interviewing or talking to other people, then you will speak spontaneously and automatically. Most teachers teach English in using fast teaching English. It means a teacher teaches a topic in chapter 1, then the teacher teaches directly to chapter 2 while the students have not understood deeply yet what was taught in chapter 1. As a result, they will not master what they’ve learned before, they even forget about it. So you don’t learn real English anyway.

How exactly this deeply learning concept anyway? In fact, it is quite easy, deeply learning is to learn a lesson by repeating it continuously until you really understand all the contents of the material. For example, when you learn tenses, you may not understand when you learn it once. In order to master the tenses, you must learn for months or even for years. Here, you have to repeat it every day so that you fully understand the tenses.

Repetition is the mother of skill, not only in learning English but also in other subjects. Whatever it is, if you repeat it thousands of times, then you will master it well. Therefore, in learning English deeply, you have to repeat and practice it every day for a thousand times or more. Until you will master everything and you will not think about grammar error anymore when you speak in front of public, because it will come automatically from you mind and mouth.

In conclusion, learning English deeply means learn English repeatedly. In fact, you can learn English since you were kids, so when you are already growing up, you can master the whole English. If you just get started to learn English from now, you need to learn deeply. You have to master English by repeating the lesson every day. Don’t go to the next chapter until you really master the idea in the current chapter.  Otherwise, you will only get a little bit, and mostly the ideas will be forgotten if you don’t learn deeply.

Learn Real English Rule 4: Learn English Deeply

English lessons must be learned deeply. Most people rush through their English lessons. Instead, go more slowly and repeat more often. Now, please watch below video to find out more about Learn Real English rule 4 and also you will be able to download mp3+pdf files of this video at the bottom of this post.

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