LRE Rule 5: Point of View Stories To Learn Grammar

Learn Real English Conversation program has 7 powerful rules. If you follow these rules, you can learn English faster and will improve your speaking skills easily. So at the Learn Real English rule 2 video, you learned that you musn’t study grammar rules. Many of our students surprised by this rule when they first heard it. Maybe you surprised too. Because you have been told that you must learn grammar and memorise them constantly.

However, you might wonder about how you can use correct grammar whitout study them. Well, today we give you Learn Real English rule 5 to learn English grammar without study grammar rules. Now please watch below video to find out more about this powerful rule. You can also download mp3 lesson of this rule at the end of this post below.

Learn Real English Rule 5: POV Stories

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Learning Grammar for Fluent English from a Short Story

The best way to learn grammar is not always from a grammar handbook. Understanding grammar from a book is not so effective to make you speak English Fluently. There is another way which is more effective rather than learning grammar from a book. It is called as Point of view story technique. Many people consider the point of view technique is the most effective technique to master English grammar. How does work for you anyway?

learn-real-english-rule5The learn real English point of view story technique is a way to learn grammar from a mini story. In this case, you just need to listen to a mini story and understand it deeply. You will hear the same story but it has a different point of view. By using this technique, you will get used to understanding a story including its time context and grammar even though you don’t learn the grammar rules from the book. Here, you will see several samples of the point of view story.

Sample 1: “There is a woman and his name is Katty. And She goes to the store and buys a shirt, and the shirt is blue. And Katty pays $20 for the shirt.”

You can see the sentences above are using simple present tense. What you have to do is just listen to or read that story for many times until you can memorize the idea and the time context. Let us compare it with another same story with a different time marker.

Sample 2: “One week ago, there was a woman and her name was Katty. And She went to the store and bought a shirt, and the shirt was blue. And Katty paid $20 for the shirt.”

The story above is just similar to the first sample, but the second one is using past tense. The story context may not be different, but the time context is significantly different. Here, you have to read or listen to the story for several times. When you already store the stories in your brain, it may help you to improve the grammar when you are speaking to other people.

Does it only work for those two tenses? No, it does not. In fact, you can use this technique for another story which uses different tenses such as future tense, continuous tense, and etc. You may want to see another sample in future tense, read this.

Sample 3: “There will be a woman and his name will be Katty. And She will go to the store and buy a shirt, and the shirt will be blue. And Katty will pay $20 for the shirt.”

That sentences are using simple future tense but the context is just the same with the past and present tense. Here, you need to understand the time marker used in the story. How can you distinguish effectively those three same stories? Actually, what you need to do is just listen to it or read it for a couple of times. In this case, you don’t only read it but also understand it. When it gets stored in your brain, then you can practice English speaking fluently. If you want to learn English speaking fast, click below link to get Learn Real English conversation course now.

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