Improve English Speaking By Listenin Practice

In this lesson, we are going to practice English speaking with the listen and answer method. Now watch the below video and you will listen to some sentences. Then we will ask you many questions about the sentences. You must answer every question out loud.

If you need more time, you can use the pause button and answer the questions then play the lesson again. You can answer with just one word or two words. It’s okay. Or you can answer with full sentences. After each question, you will hear the correct answer. So if you can’t say the answer on your first attempt. Just listen to the full lesson. And try to speak at your other tries. Let’s get started.

Practice English Speaking With Listen And Answer Method

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Do you want to improve your English speaking? Well, the English Easy Practice course will help you. Just listen to our interactive stories and answer the easy questions out loud. So you will improve your listening and speaking skills fast.

Textbooks are boring and you can not speak English fluently by reading textbooks. Then how to learn English fast? You must listen to easy and interesting materials repeatedly. Now you can practice English speaking by listening to the easy stories.

In this video, you can try the best English course to boost your speaking skills. Now please watch this video every day for 4-5 days at least. Try to say the answers to each question. Every time you listen to the lessons try to shout the answer faster and confidently. So you will improve your English quickly.

Download More Lessons To Practice

If you like our lessons, go to our website and get the full course to download the all lessons to your computer. You can also transfer the lessons into your phone or mp3 player and practice listening and speaking every time and everywhere.

English Speaking Practice by listening

English easy рrасtісе guarantees thаt, іf you don’t ѕреаk bеttеr Englіѕh after using thе lеѕѕоnѕ fоr 60 dауѕ, you will gеt 100% оf уоur mоnеу bасk. I саn comfortably say I am уеt tо see аn Englіѕh соurѕе that tеасhеѕ you English fаѕtеr аnd соnсluѕіvеlу.

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