Power English Lesson Set

Hello dear friends. I have great news for you. May be some of you know that after Original Effortless English lessons,  AJ Hoge created Power English lesson set and sold them for only one special day almost two years ago. He stopped to sell Power english until nowadays. And now Power English lesson are available to buy.  You can click here to check it yourself.

I can say that Power English lesson set the best lesson set which AJ Hoge created until now. If your level intermediate to advanced, I highly recommend Power English lessons for you. It is not enough to say these are only English lessons. When you listen to Power English lessons you will learn English and many other interesting informations at the same time.


In Power English you will especially find subjects of motivation, leadership and self improvement. AJ Hoge share with us his experiences of seminars he participated and books he red with his useful commentaries. So you will learn to learning fast and improve your English and learn to look your life with a quality perspective.

If your English level is lower than advanced (intermediate and pre-intermediate), I highly recommend OriginalEffortless English lessons for you. Original Effortless English Set includes lessons on different levels, from Pre-Intermediate to advanced. Click here to view more details about Original Effortless English lessons.

Content Of Power English

Power English contains 30 lesson set. In each set, there is a main article lesson, a mini-story lesson, a pointof view lesson. Also there are 6 commentary mp3 lessons as bonus. As I said before,from the main article you will learn many interesting things, for example, how to be confident, strongand never give up achieving your goals. The mini-story and point of view lessons will teach you English grammar in the effortless way.

As a result, I believe Power English lessons are the best, the most powerful English lessons you can find. I highly recommend AJ Hoge Power English lessons. I think these lessons can help any or you who wants to improve their English skills for speaking excellent English. The price of Power English is the same of Original English Lesson Set and it is 97 usd. Also AJ Hoge is sure to you will speak English better  with his lessons and he gives Money back guarantee.

buy-power-englishAfter using Effortless English or Power English lessons during 6 months, if you don’t find yourself speaking better English, then just tell AJ Hoge and he will return your Money. But I don’t think it is possible to not improve your speaking after listening these lessons in 6 months. Click here to go to Effortless English Club and get Power English lessons. Your English and your life will become better.

What Is The Price of the Power English Course?

This great course used to be sold whith $97 for a long time. It contains 32 lessons set which takes 6 months and improve your speaking skills very fast. But A.J. Hoge the director of Effortless English program, decided to increase the price. Now, if you click this link: Effortless English Club you can see the price of Power English course is 197 usd currently.

But, there is a final chance to get this useful course whith the old price now. If you click below link, you can see the old price ($97) and buy Power English lessons %52 off. However, you should hurry up! Because this is limited time offer.

$197 Limitid time offer: $97

Click here to buy Power English Course with 97 usd now!



Effortless English Club

Learn Real English

Another course for you to improve English listening and speaking skills is the Learn Real English conversation course. By using this course, you can quickly learn to speak conversational English for job interviews and to make friends internationally. You can start being to able to understand English language movies, news and television. You can not speak English fluently by reading boring textbooks. But you should listen real English conversations repeatedly. And you can practice with listen & answer mini stories.

Click here to download LRE course now!


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Effortless English Lessons

Hi, I am A.J. Hoge, The director of Effortless English. My English teaching has helped almost 500.000 people, learn English more quickly and more easily. That’s almost half a million people.

Today, I want to help you. And I want to talk about my Effortless English lessons. I created my Effortless English lessons to help you speak English quickly, easily and automatically. I want you to feel strong, powerful, confident and happy when you speak english. I want you to get better jobs because your english ability is excellent. I want you meet new people from different countries all around the world. I want you get everything you want by using English. That’s why I created Effortless English.

My lessons will help you speak English faster, understand faster and learn vocabulary much faster and learn grammar much better and much faster. After six months of using my lessons, you will speak english easily, quickly and automatically. Now, how can I say this? I can say this because my lessons come from the best research from the experts such Dr. James Asher, Dr. Stephen Krashen, Dr. J. Marvin Brown. Their research shows that these Effortless English methods will help you learn english 4-5 times faster and remember it much longer. And you will learn how to speak quickly, easily and automatically.

english mp3 lessons

Dr. Asher, study normal English learning and Effortless English method. He found that the Effortless methods are 4-5 times faster. And Dr. Stephen Krashen found that the students who use these methods speak faster, speak more correctly, have better grammar, have larger vocabularies and understands more quickly and easily. There are a lot of benefits when you use the Effortless English methods and Effortless English lessons.

Now, when you but these lessons, what do you get? Well, you get over thirty lessons sets. That’s sets, groups of lessons. Each set contains several audio lessons. There is a vocabulary lesson. In the vocabulary lesson, I teach you new phrases and words. These are common, useful and powerful words and phrases.

There is a mini story in each sets. Of course, these are the powerful and kind of famous listen and answer mini stories. I ask a story using a lot of questions and you answer every question. Now, these are very simple and easy questions. so don’t worry, It is a very easy lesson but very powerful. When you use these listen and answer mini stories, your speaking becomes faster and faster and faster. Also your understanding.

Each of these thirty lesson sets also has an audio article. This is very interesting article about some real topic. This is real english. It is not textbook english. And you simply just listen to it. You listen it again and again and again each day. And each day your listening improves, your vocabulary improves, your grammar improves and eventually your speaking improves too.

A lot of these lessons also have my very powerful point of view lessons. These are my grammar lessons. But you never study grammar rules, i promise. You won’t think about grammar rules. You will learn english grammar automatically and easily. You will learn how to use it correctly without thinking. You will never think about grammar rules again. And that’s fantastic. It’s more fun, It’s more easy and it is much powerful. This is the way to learn grammar. Use my point of view stories. All the more advanced lessons will include it as well. You get those too.

Finally, most of these lessons has text so if you have trouble understanding something, you can read. And that is additional, extra way to increase your understanding and learn faster. And finally, one more bonus, many of those lessons also have a bonus commentary. In the commentary I chat about the topic of the lesson and you just listen. It just an easy extra listening for you.

Using all of these lessons together each day, you will improve very very quickly, I promise. In fact, I guarantee you will. We have a very stong guarantee at Effortless English. If you use all of the lessons for six months and you are not happy, you are not satisfied we will give your Money back, you will return your money.

But I know, you will be satisfied. Because our students are successful and you also will be successful when you get the lessons now. So how can you use these lessons? How do you get them? It’s very easy. Read the article below, you will learn more and click the big red button that says “Buy The Lessons Now” you will pay using your credit card and after you pay, you will immediately get an e-mail with a link to the lessons.


You can use them right now, you click the link and download the lessons to your computer immediately, right now. So, you can start today, you can start now, learning with Effortless English. Then, you  listen to the lessons on your computer or on your ipod.

You can listen the lessons with your ipod on the bus, in the car when you are shopping, when you are at home, when you are walking, when you are exercising. It is so convenient, It is so easy. That’s why we sell them on the internet. Because it is quick, it is easy for you. So convenient. So, read this article, click the big red button, get my lessons and start today. Start improving you English speaking right now. And I will see you again. Bye bye.

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Effortless English Club

Learn Effortless English 7 Rules:

Power English Lessons

After Original Effortless English lessons, AJ Hoge created Power English lessons for intermediate and advanced English learners. These lessons are not just English lessons. You will find inspiring information from motivation, leadership as well as self improvement. (Click and view more)

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How To Improve English Speaking Skills

how to improve english speaking

After you become an intermediate level in English, you might be wondering about how to improve English speaking. Because, you studied grammar rules with textbooks in schools and you can understand what you read and hear in English language. However, you can not speak English fluently. Thus you start to think about speaking improvement.

We have been helping you to learn English by sharing useful content, especially video tutorials and downloadable mp3 lessons, as Power English Learning website. So we have a few recommendations about how to improve English speaking using very powerful listening lessons packs. Theese packs contains listening content because the key is listening here.

Courses to Improve English Speaking

Click here to view more details!

Learn Real English

The first program is the Learn Real English conversation course. By using this course, you can quickly learn to speak conversational English for job interviews and to make friends internationally. You can start being to able to understand English language movies, news and television. You can not speak English fluently by reading boring textbooks. But you should listen real English conversations repeatedly. And you can practice with listen & answer mini stories.

Click here to download LRE course now!

Effortless English

The second program is the Power English course that prepared by Effortless English method. Power English course contains over 32 lesson set. In each set, there is a main article lesson, a mini-story lesson, a pointof view lesson. Also there are 6 commentary mp3 lessons as bonus. As I said before,from the main article you will learn many interesting things, for example, how to be confident, strongand never give up achieving your goals. The mini-story and point of view lessons will teach you English grammar in the effortless way.

Click here to view more details!

Success With Stories

The third program is the Succecc With Stories course by Lisa Biscup. Success with Stories course is a great way to learn English through listening, repetition and practice. By hearing the actual English words spoken and repeating them to yourself you can begin to speak English fluently through a better understanding of the language. You can practice speaking English while listening to the simple, yet enjoyable stories, reviews and vocabulary. This English lesson package is perfect for those who are able to understand some English, and speak it but who need a little help to become fluent in the language.

Get Success With Stories Course Now!

English Harmony System

Finally the last program is the English Harmony System. “English Harmony System 2.0” is made to assist Anybody who could read as well as write in English begin eventually SPEAKING the actual language! So that you will find no shocks, let me inform you Precisely what you will get within each individual module from the interactive video & sound system English Harmony System 2.0.

Click here to download English Harmony System now!

We have another general tips about how to improve English speaking skills below.

How To Improve English Speaking & Listening Skilss

how to improve english speakingEnglish has become the most trusted as well as the most common way of communicating all over the world. This is why it has become very important to learn this language. Many people look for ways on how to improve English speaking or writing as well. However, the most important of all is to know how to improve English speaking because that is what is actually needed by many people whenever they are at a bigger level.

If you are looking for ways on how to improve your English language, then you are at the right place as you can get lots of tips here in this article that guide you on how to improve English very easily as well as quickly too. These English improvement tips are given as follows

  1. Don’t Be Shy

This is one of the most important things of all. You should not be shy at all because it is not your mother tongue so not knowing is not something bad at all. You should have full confidence that you will learn it and be excellent at it soon. You can and will make mistakes and people will correct them. Know that it is this way only that you will learn better.

  1. Have Surroundings

It is important to surround yourself with English when you want to learn it. This is because if you are in an environment where everyone is speaking English, you will learn speaking it very much quickly and in the best way too.

  1. Practice It Out

They say practice makes a man perfect. So make sure you practice every day and you have a study plan too. Make a routine time and decide how much time you will give each day to learn speaking it.

  1. Let People Know

It is important to tell people. This means your friends and family that you are learning through a study plan. This way they will push you more to study and they will also not disturb you while you are studying too.

  1. Try All Areas

If you are learning English speaking don’t just think that you have to only learn speaking it. You should also practice a bit of writing, reading, and listening too. This will help you improve faster and speak better too.

  1. Make Your Notebook

Having your own notebook is important. Write all words that you learn in that notebook and make a point that you will use them in different sentences at least 2 times each day when you speak. This will help you learn new words and remember them long as well.

  1. Have Some Lists

You should do all your lesson parts at least each day and make lists to learn. Learning lists is one of the best ways to learn anything. It is a good way to learn in a very short time. It is just like you learn and remember things later after a test too.

These are just some of the tips that have been given above to improve English in no time at all. If you also want to improve your English speaking in many more ways.


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How to Learn Spanish As a Beginner In 30 Days

unlilmited spanish course 30 days

Spanish is an official language used by the Union of South American Nations and Organization of American States, it is also a language that has been influenced by Arabic, English, Latin as it has take some words from these languages and is a language that is used a lot in the USA. Learning a fresh language for the initial time is different as you would not have the education and experience someone who has been doing for a long time would have, but if you are attracted in learning Spanish as a beginner in 30 days, here is a look at some ideas you can do so.

One of the ways to learn Spanish as a beginner in 30 days is to have someone teach you how to do it and it could be an instructor, friend, a tutor or anyone who Spanish very amazing. This is a way because it the persons understands the language and they also understand a language that you know very perfect, they can simply guide you through the vital parts of the process and support you through some of the parts you may have challenges with.

Unlimited Spanish 30 Days Crash Course

unlilmited spanish course 30 daysAnother way to learn Spanish for the initial time is to take the Unlimited Spanish 30 days Spanish course for beginners and this can be done via regular educational institution in your area in a classroom atmosphere such as universities and colleges, this is way as they generally have different courses you can take for different levels of learning and you can even get a program that provides things like best facilities and different learning techniques and so on.

Some of the things that would affect your capability to learn as a beginner would contain how much you want to learn as you might only want to learn some parts of it, the type of technique you use to learn as learning on your own and learning from a professional private instructor would not be the same, how fast you want to learn as you may other things you are targeting on, your capability to learn as some people learn as quicker than others and so. These are vital factors as they would determine how well you would be capable to learn Spanish.

All in all, learning Spanish for the initial time is something that can be done in a range of ways and if you are interested in doing this, I advise you to take the Unlimited Spanish course 30 days crash program for beginners to get fast result.

Click here to view more details!

Unlimited Spanish Program Details:

Effortless Spanish Learning Course Recommended

Unlimited Spanish Learning Course Review

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LRE Rule 7: Practice English Using Listen and Answer Stories


If you understand what you read and hear in English, but you can not speak English fluently, then you need to practice English speaking. But how? Today you are going to learn how to practice speaking with yourself. Yes, you don’t need to go abroad or someone like native English speaker to talk. You just need to learn the listen and answer mini story method.

Learn Real English rule number 7 will teach you how to use mini stories for practice English speaking. Now please watch below video of LRE Rule 7. In this useful video A.J. Hoge is talking about listen and answer stories. Remember, you can also download free audio of this video at the end of this post.

Learn Real English Rule 7 Video

Click here to get Learn Real English Course!

Using Listen and Answer Stories for Better Speaking

There are so many easy ways to be able to understand and speak English fluently. Perhaps, so far you only learn English at school which is so stiff and less pleasant. Basically, if you are smart enough, you can use the best way to teach or learn English using the method of listen and answer stories.

As we know that the most significant problem in school is that the students learn English through translation. The students do not speak naturally and instantly because they have to think about the meaning in their own language. Besides, they also have to understand the grammar rule, so it will take time to think. This is why most of the students cannot speak English well and fluently.

By learning English through listening and answering stories, you will be able to speak and understand English without thinking. You will speak and answer question spontaneously without thinking any vocabulary and grammar rule. This method will teach you to understand English quickly without translating it into your own language. So, how does it work anyway?

learn-real-english-rule7In this method, we as a teacher will tell you a funny and crazy story. Why should the teacher choose funny stories? Because if the teacher tells you a common story, you will be feeling lazy to listen to it. Moreover, you also have to think about the vocabulary and grammar rule used in the story. However, funny story does not work like that.

A funny story told by the teacher will always be memorized by the students. After telling the story, we may ask you some questions about the story. When you are asked about the story, then suddenly your brain will work and understand the question instantly. In this case, the questions asked are not some difficult questions but the simple questions.

Why should we ask you a simple and easy question? Because you will not answer it if we ask you a difficult question. Your brain will think a lot of things, and that is not what we expect from you. Simple question will be easy to understand fast and it will make you answer the question quickly without thinking.

You can have some questions such as what was there? Then, you can answer there was a boy, was there a boy or a girl? You can answer “there was a boy”. More and more questions, until it gets to the most difficult question finally. However, you will get a lot more questions to answer.

In this case, you only need to answer the questions loudly. By repeating more and more questions, you can learn and repeat some grammars many times. You also repeat and learn more vocabulary. Here, you don’t need to learn anything. You are no need to read something, just listen to the story and question.

The purpose is to get an exciting environment in learning. Therefore, you can enjoy the funny stories. You will not learn about something boring because you just listen to a story and answer several simple question repeatedly. In this case, your brain will be taught to think about English continuously. And this is quite powerful for learning method to get better English speaking skills.

Click here to get Learn Real English Conversations!

Well, you have finished Learn Real English 7 rules to improve your listening and speaking skills very fast. This is not enough to know about these rules, but you have to use these rules when you study English. If you follow learn real English rules you will learn English faster and your listening and speaking will improve easily and automatically.

The best way to follow all of these powerful rules, is to download and use Learn Real English conversations program. We higly recommend the Learn Real English course for intermediate and advanced learners to boost their English level. Click below link to get this great English conversation course and start to speak English fluently now.

Download Learn Real English Conversations Course Now!

Learn Real English Videos & Mp3 Lessons:

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LRE Rule 6: Listen Real English Conversations


Get Learn Real English Course Now!

Real English Material for Easy and Fun Learning

Learning English is actually very easy. You can learn English through many ways. You probably only get English lessons at school that may not be so effective to make you proficient. How actually the best way to learn English? well, this is what we are going to do, we will tell you the best way to understand and to be fluent either in English speaking, listening, or reading.

One of the best ways to be a good English speaker or overall to master English is by learning from real English material. What is exactly real English material? Learning a real English material means that we learn English from the real situation. In this case, you have to get rid of your textbook, or textbook CDs. Since textbooks are not efficient to make you proficient and fluent. In fact, there are two ways in order to learn English from real material.

learn-real-english-rule6The first is Reading English Material. Reading is kind of effective way to make you master English overall. However, you are not recommended to read textbooks, because you should find some reading materials that are easy for you. If needed, you can also find some fun reading materials. There are some reading materials that you can use such as children book. Perhaps, it is too easy for you, try to read some comics. Or you can also try teenager books. If all of them are too easy, you can read some advanced materials such as magazines, novel, newspaper, article on the internet, and so on.

The second is listening English material. Listening is also the key to master English well. However, we recommend you for not to read any textbooks CDs anyway. You should not listen to the people in the CDs audio because they don’t talk naturally. In this case, you would be better to find some easy and fun materials like children TV program, children movies, or audio books and many more. The audio book may be easier because it provides text and audio. However, if it is too easy, you can watch and listen to teenager TV program, or teenage movies. Yet, if you think that it is still too easy for you, so you can watch adult movie, adult TV show, the news, podcasts, and so on which are more advanced.

The reason why we don’t recommend you to learn from a textbook is because a textbook material is not real. It is not normal English anyway. As we know that textbook material is only used in school, it uses formal English, too stiff. Perhaps, you will understand it in the class, but when you are out of the class, the people use different English, because they use the real English.

In summary, from the explanation above, we can conclude that real English material is better rather than textbook material. Since real English material uses natural English and it is used every day by the people. However, you should not leave textbook anyway, just consider it as the second alternative for you to be fluent in English. So if you want to learn real English, you should use real English materials.

Download Free Mp3+PDF Lesson

download-english-listening-mp3-lessonClick here to download!

Get The Learn Real English Conversations Course Now!

Learn Real English Rules

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LRE Rule 5: Point of View Stories To Learn Grammar


Learn Real English Conversation program has 7 powerful rules. If you follow these rules, you can learn English faster and will improve your speaking skills easily. So at the Learn Real English rule 2 video, you learned that you musn’t study grammar rules. Many of our students surprised by this rule when they first heard it. Maybe you surprised too. Because you have been told that you must learn grammar and memorise them constantly.

However, you might wonder about how you can use correct grammar whitout study them. Well, today we give you Learn Real English rule 5 to learn English grammar without study grammar rules. Now please watch below video to find out more about this powerful rule. You can also download mp3 lesson of this rule at the end of this post below.

Learn Real English Rule 5: POV Stories

Click here to view more details!

Learning Grammar for Fluent English from a Short Story

The best way to learn grammar is not always from a grammar handbook. Understanding grammar from a book is not so effective to make you speak English Fluently. There is another way which is more effective rather than learning grammar from a book. It is called as Point of view story technique. Many people consider the point of view technique is the most effective technique to master English grammar. How does work for you anyway?

learn-real-english-rule5The learn real English point of view story technique is a way to learn grammar from a mini story. In this case, you just need to listen to a mini story and understand it deeply. You will hear the same story but it has a different point of view. By using this technique, you will get used to understanding a story including its time context and grammar even though you don’t learn the grammar rules from the book. Here, you will see several samples of the point of view story.

Sample 1: “There is a woman and his name is Katty. And She goes to the store and buys a shirt, and the shirt is blue. And Katty pays $20 for the shirt.”

You can see the sentences above are using simple present tense. What you have to do is just listen to or read that story for many times until you can memorize the idea and the time context. Let us compare it with another same story with a different time marker.

Sample 2: “One week ago, there was a woman and her name was Katty. And She went to the store and bought a shirt, and the shirt was blue. And Katty paid $20 for the shirt.”

The story above is just similar to the first sample, but the second one is using past tense. The story context may not be different, but the time context is significantly different. Here, you have to read or listen to the story for several times. When you already store the stories in your brain, it may help you to improve the grammar when you are speaking to other people.

Does it only work for those two tenses? No, it does not. In fact, you can use this technique for another story which uses different tenses such as future tense, continuous tense, and etc. You may want to see another sample in future tense, read this.

Sample 3: “There will be a woman and his name will be Katty. And She will go to the store and buy a shirt, and the shirt will be blue. And Katty will pay $20 for the shirt.”

That sentences are using simple future tense but the context is just the same with the past and present tense. Here, you need to understand the time marker used in the story. How can you distinguish effectively those three same stories? Actually, what you need to do is just listen to it or read it for a couple of times. In this case, you don’t only read it but also understand it. When it gets stored in your brain, then you can practice English speaking fluently. If you want to learn English speaking fast, click below link to get Learn Real English conversation course now.

Click here to view more details!

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