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Would you occasionally stay tranquille since you are scared to speak English and never become understood, or even more serious, laughed at?

Maybe you have already been shy to speak up inside a conference as you were concerned about your own English?

Or even already been asked to provide a presentation as well as you pondered if you might be capable of getting your current information across nicely?

Have you been on the phone along with a customer and been inspired to replicate your self many times?

Has your manager ever before said that she or he want to provide you with a promotion, however was concerned that your particular conversation abilities had been missing?

Or even, such as Tom, perhaps you have requested a career you understood you had been competent for, however already been nicely rejected?

If you actually clarified YES to any of those concerns, I wish to guarantee that it is NOT your own problem. Discover why…

“I just simply provided an essential presentation the other day also it moved perfectly. I received lots of kind comments on my own accent along with fluency! I mean this, the American Accent Audio Course would be a actual ear-opener to me! Superb job, Sheri!” (Sarah Dumont)


“I’m a global college student inside a TESOL scholar program. I’ve already been listening to the American Accent Audio Course and it is some thing no one has previously educated me in prior to. I majored with English linguistics being an undergraduate, however the phonetic ideas never ever solved the problem enhance my personal pronunciation.

The American Accent Audio Course is much more than simply pronunciation. It helps guide you the vocabulary link and also stream together. I assume it is more essential than understanding how to pronounce every sound. This particular program makes sense for me. It features a really revolutionary method of English pronunciation, and that’s excellent. It’s assisting me to possess much more self-confidence during speaking, and it’s additionally assisting me speak much more obviously along with naturally.” (Youngmi Choe)

An introduction to the American Accent Audio Course

The American Accent Audio Course helps guide you to make use of the tunes of the language, not only specific sounds. This really is something which the majority of “accent” courses do not perform an adequate amount of. Altering how you sound in English can create a massive difference in your life.

This specific music (the actual intonation, rhythm and also timing) with the language is really exactly what children learn very first, before they learn to pronounce vocabulary properly. It holds a lot more meaning and also sensation compared to pronunciation by yourself.

The American Accent Audio Course shows you exactly the same habits of sound which local English speakers make use of as well as feel in each and every part of their own conversation however have not purposely considered (such as, sadly, almost all English instructors.)

The program includes Twenty-four audio training (around Sixteen hours) with mp3 file format that you could download soon after payment and also listen to anytime as well as anywhere you want.

You’ll have a total Workbook along with Awareness Journal to download along with print out. The American Accent Audio Course was created with regard to adult professionals who did not develop speaking English, but instead learned it as being young people or even adults. We provide a 2 Month Cash Back Guarantee therefore if it’s not a match, you’ve nothing to lose!

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“Even though I have got master’s levels around teaching English as well as Japanese, I have discovered a great deal of something totally new with each and every training of the program.” (Junko Ito)


“Thank you such a lot of for the fantastic instructing. I believe it is the very best accent program actually (I have previously attempted and also I such as the simple fact that your current concentrate would be the accent section. Continue the great perform!” (Sitthipol Rujirawat)

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  4. I wan to get some book in oder to improve my english but i have no money to by

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    I live in Iran.can you help me ?

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  12. i want learn speaking english

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  14. i like to adapt the americain accent because it was my dream

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  18. I just want to improve my english accent skill to get a better job in dominicam republic but I dont have money , I ,M NOT working

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  20. Hi ysai, keep improve you English and accent skills then I believe that you will get a good job, good luck.

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