How can you speak English With American accent?

American accent program Neurolingual review by Power English: Chameleons – Those colorful reptiles that can blend in anywhere. They just shift their colors and proof! They look eventually like the tree, they’re climbing, or the rock, they are sitting on. Wouldn’t it be great to be a language chameleon? Life would be easier if we could just shift our accents, vocabulary, and grammar to sound exactly like native English speakers.

Acquiring a language or American accent is different from other skills

Driving a car, washing dishes, clicking pictures, and cooking food are all skills, and all of them require certain practices. But acquiring a specific language or an accent of any language is a unique skill.

You can not say that language acquisition is just like other skills because it is more complex. It is complex in a way that you can drive a car properly after some days of practice but the same is not for language acquisition or grabbing specific accents of any language.

Some people spent their entire life practicing certain language accents but they still fail to acquire them properly. Now the question arises that what are those elements that make children speak any language like natives?

How Do Kids Learn New Languages So Fast And With Perfect Accent? Without Taking Classes or Practice

It’s Not Magic! There’s a science behind it…

The logical mind is not developed in kids’ brains, so they absorb everything that they hear without filtering. That’s why they are so good at picking up accents and learning languages.

Everything that they hear goes directly to their subconscious mind and so it becomes second nature to them.

The good news is: You can learn languages exactly like kids when you use this method to shut down your logical mind and access your subconscious mind.

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The False impression of language acquisition

People use to say that to learn any language or to acquire any accent, you need to work hard. And it is somehow true because there is nothing in a world that can be done without hard work. Now if you want to speak like a native speaker you will have to put in some but it might not be as hard as you think.

There is also another perception created by some grammarians and linguists in the minds of new candidates who want to acquire a certain language or accent. They believe that for learning any language or accent you need to learn the grammar of that very language.

They focus on the structure of a language, specific sentence pattern, the composition as well as the required tone. Now the question is whether one can achieve fluency like natives by following all these rules?

To answer this question, we have to focus on a point that why native children acquire any accent perfectly without studying the structure of sentences, the composition, certain grammar rules, and also, they don’t learn about intonation in any language class.

They just listen to the words in their surroundings and they learn these words and they build their pattern for these words. So, acquiring a new language and perfect accent for kids is not a miracle but it is a complete process of science and logic.

Differences in Adults and kids Language Acquisition

For adults, the process of learning any language or accent is different from that of kids. When adults listen to words or sentences in their surroundings, they filter these words and sentences, they keep specific rules in their mind for using these words in different situations.

They care for people around them in a certain society. In simple words, they are bound to use only those words which suit the situation and those people who are around them. This process of filtering words bound and restrict them and it also disturbs their power of acquiring any language or any accent.

In contrast, kids do not think about these formalities. They do not focus on words or sentences. They do not have to care about society or the people around them. They just speak what they have in their minds without thinking about them. They feel free to utter those words which suit them not society or people around them. Kids cannot be critical at every moment because their brain is not that much developed. They acquire what they hear without filtering.

Subconscious Programming for American Accent

No matter how many classes you take, there will be hardships in your way regarding speaking English like natives. It is because you cannot speak like a native by analyzing each and every sentence.

You cannot acquire any accent if you try to be conscious about the words you utter. The best way to acquire any language like natives is to make yourself free and say what comes to your mouth. So, there is a process through which you can overcome this barrier and this is called Subconscious programming.

Now, the important and good news is that you can easily learn like kids by using the method of subconscious programming. You have to layoff your logical faculty in your mind and you have to focus only on your subconscious mind.

Audio Technique

American Accent neurolingualYou can use different audio related to subconscious programming. By doing this you will not only start speaking like natives but will be able to identify between different accents. This will help you in getting a complete understanding of language structure and words.

You will be able to access different words and it will enable you to store these words in your subconscious. This is a scientific way to reduce and overcome this barrier of language fluency.

This method was experienced by Jesse G, a person with having Australian accent. Jesse was both astonished and impressed by this audio method of acquiring different words in a very relaxing way. Jesse was very happy with the way this process works.

Impacts of a proper accent

American accent is the foremost thing through which a person can judge you whether you are from one culture or another culture. Your accent tells people around you the culture from which you belong to. So, always try to use a native accent because it can help you in different ways.

Your Relationship

As there is a famous quote, ‘The first impression is the last impression’. This quote works in the real world too. People judge you based on your first interaction with them. Based on the first impression, they decide about their future relationship with you. From the utterances, they decide whether they should hang with you in the future or not.

This is also the perception of people that they feel comfortable while talking to people of their own culture and language. They are attached to people having the same background and same communication process. So, it is very important to acquire an accent that is suitable for a certain community. After acquiring that accent, people can communicate with you effectively and they can coup up with you.

Your Personal life

Perfect natives like accents are sometimes the soul of your professional life. You can only get good remarks from your colleagues and your seniors if you have a good accent. It can affect your professional development.

The same accent can make a better understanding between colleagues working in any institution. It can also help you in promotion and grades. In simple words, to say that your accent is more important than your skill, knowledge, and devotion towards your work, would not be wrong. It is also true that for leadership positions those are selected who have a better accent.

So, by acquiring a good accent, you can easily get promotions in any institution. This will not only help you to build good relationships with your colleagues but also it will help you in building your future.

Affect your Earning

Presentation of yourself in an effective manner is very necessary for any office job. It is beneficial to choose the way of speaking which can help you in comminating successfully. Acquiring a good communicating accent can help you in moving to a higher position in any institution.

Fluency in any language can assist you to make your position strong. If we say that your earning is dependent on your way of communication then it would not be wrong.

It is also true to say that you can improve your grades and your earnings through learning good communication skills. And specifically, speaking English fluently and the American accent. So, fluency in any language and accent of that specific community is very important for every person to get good results.

Effective Audio Sessions

Audio sessions can help you in acquiring the American accent of English properly. These sessions can help you to develop good fluency and a native-like accent. As you already have the idea that native speakers never took classes for acquiring their language or any specific accent.

They have the inborn tendency to acquire certain languages and their specific accent. They do not need to follow grammar patterns and specific rules to be like natives. The same is the case with you, as like natives do not acquire language learning classes, you do not have to follow this pattern.

You have to flow with the wind and try to be as relaxed as possible while trying to speak English. If you try to follow grammar rules and specific structures, it will never help you to become native.

As already discussed, the key to acquiring any language or accent is your knowledge of the subconscious mind. If you follow certain rules, your English would not look as natural as the language of natives. The key is subconscious programming and through these audios, you can get ultimate help.

The effects of these audio sessions will surprise your family members, your mates, your colleague because you will just sound like a native. You will suddenly start to sound like a native speaker. At first, you would not even believe it by yourself. After completely listening to this Audio, you will realize in a short period, that how much these audios have worked.

Experience after listening to the Audios

Repeatedly listening to the American accent audio Sessions, your mind becomes used to the American English Pronunciations and you will be able to improve certain aspects which can be given below. These audio sessions are very effective for improving English learning and speaking skills, especially for natives. By conducting these sessions, your subconscious mind will become saturated with an American accent and correct pronunciation.

  • You will be able to naturally utter American English words without realizing it.
  • These audio sessions will improve your accent and it will sound like proper American natives.
  • You will acquire proper American English intonations and melody.
  • These audio sessions will improve your accent and intonation with the time. You will realize the progress in your language with time.
  • You will start talking to yourself like natives, and you will be able to construct sentences like American users.
  • It is also possible that you may start dreaming in an American English accent, after listening to these audio sessions.

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In conclusion, to say that your language and accent can show your identity. Your first impression of English countries is the most important one. It’s the decider and people often get attracted to those who can talk like them, behaves like them.

So, if you want to be in a group of English people, and if you want to lead that group, you have to be skilled in English speaking and you should have to sound like natives. And this can be easily achieved by attending the mentioned audio sessions. These audio sessions would help you to be fluent as well as sound like natives.

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