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English Listening Practice – At an American Bookstore


English listening practice is the most important activity to improve comprehension and speaking skills. So we share very useful video lessons on our website often. Now you can watch below video by English Class 101 online course. Listening English Comprehension Level 1: Absolute Beginner Unit 1 – Lesson 1 of 5 In this video lesson; you will look at the image, listen to the question, listen to the dialogue and try to answer the question. After you tried to answer the question, you will be able to see the text of the sentences you listened at the end of the
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Learning English Online Lessons EnglishClass101

In today’s fast-paced world, learning a new language can seem impossible! Most of us do not have the time to attend hours and hours of classes. And, many of us do not have the money to invest in expensive English language courses either. Furthermore, if language is already a barrier to living a productive and quality life, then we cannot waste our time with courses that could take years to complete and maybe only help us to achieve a novice status in the end. Learn English Online: Posted by Power english learning The latest trend in learning is online education.
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The Best Way To Learn English Online

Everyone wants to speak fluent English as it is the language used mostly in the world. Many people want to learn English so that they can live with their heads up in the society and easily interact with other people while talking. Learning English online is a great way as it allows you to learn with your own convenience, time and ease and all you need is an internet and a computer and nothing else. You will not need to go to classes on specified timings, or wear particular clothes or anything. It is just you and your computer. How
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English Class 08 Where Did You Go To School

You can watch above English Class 101 video series episode 8. In this lesson you are going to learn how to ask someone where they went to school or college. Asking someone this question is a good small talk question and conversation starter. However you have to be careful not to offend people if they didn’t go to college. We will tell you how to do this. The question is simple. If the other person is over 22, it’s likely they will have left college already. So you ask using the past tense. Where did you go to college? You
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English Class Lesson 07 Getting Contact Details

You can watch below episode 7 of English Class 101 video series, English in 3 minutes. These are very useful video English lessons which help you to learn common conversation in everyday English. So please watch below video to learn some ways to communicate with people properaly. In this lesson you’re going to learn some ways to get in touch with someone after you have met them once already. In a lot of text books you’ve probably seen the question “What’s your phone number?” “What’s your phone number” it’s a very useful question but there are two problems with it.
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