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How to learn English fast? In this lesson you will find the answer and you will practice your English listening. You can download mp3 lesson (Learn English Super Fast mp3) and listen it several times each day for one week. Also, you will find text of the lesson below so you can read it while you are listening. After Right click below download link and select save as.

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Learn English by focusing on content, not grammar. What do I mean by content?  I mean, learn English by focusing on meaningful communication and meaningful information.

Most schools, and most students, focus on the mechanics of the language.  They study verb conjugations. They study the “rules” of prepositions.  They analyze the language as if it was a dead thing.

All of these traditional methods are analytical.

But English is not a dead thing to analyze- it is a living language.  It is a means of communication.

Your brain is naturally fantastic at learning languages.  Your brain is created to learn languages.  But you must learn in ways that are friendly to your brain.

If you bore your brain with rules, you will learn slowly.  If you try to analyze the language, you will learn slowly. If you try to memorize vocabulary, you will learn slowly. If you study textbooks and take tests, you will learn slowly.

Your brain is a super-fast English learning machine– use it correctly and you will learn super-fast!

Here’s how to make your brain happy and learn English fast:

  • Learn with stories.  Our brains love stories– its the oldest, most natural form of communication.
  • Focus on meaning, not form.  In other words, don’t worry about grammar rules. Focus instead on understanding and being understood.
  • Listen to the music of English carefully.  To improve pronunciation, listen very carefully to the intonation of English speakers– pretend you are listening to music.
  • Choose content you love.  Only listen to and read English content that is interesting, meaningful, or funny to you.   If you don’t enjoy it– find something else!
  • Read easy novels, not textbooks.  Again, the brain loves stories and hates boring drills.  Burn your textbooks…  read easy, fun, interesting English novels instead.  Read a lot of them!
  • Make friends, join a community.  English is for communication– so communicate with other English speakers!   Forget about mistakes. Forget about grammar. Just relax and communicate!

By smiling, having fun, and focusing on meaningful content, you will make your brain happy.  And a happy brain learns very fast.

Use these brain friendly strategies to increase your English speaking improvement 2-4 times faster. Enjoy and speak excellent English!

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  1. Aka zendedel says:

    thank yuo vere good

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    how are u all
    i am farhadkhanhotak from afghanistan but i am living in pakistan now i am very poor person i don’t have any money that i am getting education in pakistan so u should help with me plz

  3. adita Aza says:

    it has been very nice to see your website and could liten to many enjoyable listening topic.I am a lawyer from Iran who love to learn and improve my english in order to show the whole world what my people think about western countries.mostly my people love other union despite their nationality race skin religion ect.
    good luck

  4. ayshan says: name is ayshan i am from azerbaijan. i also want to learn english well.that is why i need your help. please help me by-by

  5. suru says:

    hi , i”m suru from kolkata i want to learn english because i m doing job in my job english is most important thats why please help me how to inprove my english fast i also follow your instruction given here.

  6. prasad reddy says:

    i learn english

  7. anwarhussain says:

    ofcourse every one want to speak englsh well.

  8. khaled fares says:

    i need learn english with out teacher

  9. bassam says:

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    Hello how can I do registration at your web site to learn English in according to receive lessons and to improve my English

  10. admin says:

    Hello Bassam, you can visit and register Effortless English web site here. Also you can subscribe our lessons by your e-mail. Click here to follow our English lessons with your e-mail.

  11. endar says:

    Dear All
    while practise english have a friend all over the world

  12. narayan says:

    hi i am narayan i want learn to speck English so please help me how to improve my English fast please support me ………………….?

  13. Neelima says:

    Learning English has really become very important these days.English is a world wide language and has become common medium for communication.There are many places like Airports,banks,orderings things online,hospitals,bus or train stations,offices,schools, etc where English language is spoken.I am learning English with videos like this one which can help me to learn English fastly.

  14. aziz says:

    am just at the bignning i would like just to improve my level in english if you can help please ….sse you

  15. pabitra says:

    i would like to improve englishso you can help me

  16. kanya says:

    Thank you for your advice and it very good idea to improve my English.

  17. amit sonthalia says:

    Hiiii my name is amit nd i want to speak in english … english is very poor so my confitent level ids very dull…..plz i want to spek english plz help me nd support

  18. malinga says:

    i’m name is maliga i working at government,ministry of disaster i want to learn more abouth disaster and to complete my M.A digree in KANADA,UK,USA,AUSTRALIA. OR ITALY.please help me,any friend above country.

  19. amir johar says:

    Hi my name is amir m from mau india I want learn english speaking but how to speak like an english man please give me any good idea

  20. admin says:

    Hi Amir, I want to give you 3 tips and these are very powerful methods to learn English speaking. First of all you read this article abow and focus on meaningful content, not grammar. Here are my tips: 1) Listening English practice: You should listen alot of easy and interesting materials. 2) Learn English Deeply: It means you should study, read and listen English repeatedly. Don’t go fast. You need to be master the same material by listening. 3) Use listen and answer method: to gain English speaking skills. This is the most useful thing for speaking English practice.

  21. jai says:

    I wanna speak english well please help me

  22. admin says:

    Hi Jai, the best way to speak English well is listening easy and interesting materials repeatedly. So I highly reccommend you to use Power English course which is the best course ever.

  23. Jose Urdaneta says:

    Hello i’m Jose Urdaneta I from Venezuela i want to learn english because i need to give a future for my children in my country actually in my country exist many problems and i need to learn Englesh for my future and the future of my child and thanks for read and regards

  24. Altamash says:

    I want to fast english speak but I did not speak

  25. yuvi singh says:

    Hindi to enlish

  26. manikandan says:

    teach me english

  27. KHALED says:

    I am from Syria. and have a lot of words in English but I can’t speak
    I wish to do that so i think, I need friends talk with by facebook do you help me

  28. Phyo Ma Ma Thaw says:

    Hi dears,

    I have a weak point in English speaking skill. Firstly, I usually think about grammar rule before I start about one thing. So, I can’t speak quickly. I would to like to speak just like a native speaker.So, how to learn for english speaking faster.Could you tell me how to get faster in speaking.

  29. admin says:

    Hi Phyo Ma, in order to speak English fluently and without thinking grammar rules, you must learn English deeply. So you can understand and speak English automatically and easily.

  30. Ranjit kumar says:

    plz give me english mp3 audio course.


  31. vijay says:

    any all time well

  32. MAHI DANIEL says:

    HI I’M MAHI FROM ETHIOPIA i need your help in learning English language i face

  33. admin says:

    Hi Mahi, you should listen easy and interesting materials everyday. So you will learn English faster and speak it fluently.

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