Spoken English Video 8 Part 2 Cool Car

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American Slang Spoken English Video Lesson 8 Part 2: Cool Car

You will now hear the entire conversation again and see the text. Some words will be missing. These words are spoken fast. Try to complete the text with the missing words.

This is Part 2 of a two-part lesson in my series called American Slang. Viewers will test their ability to comprehend fast speech as well as informal ways of saying YES and NO.

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Spoken English Lesson 8 Part 1 Cool Car

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This video is Part 1 of a two-part lesson in my series called American Slang. Students will test their ability to comprehend new vocabulary in the context of a fast, informal conversation.

In this american slang video, you will learn following new expressions:

Pretty much: nearly; mostly
A clunker: jalopy, junky car: a car that’s in bad
Fully loaded: having all the options, all the special features
High tech: advanced technology, modern technology; having very complex technology
(That’s) sweet!: very good (Cool!)
User-friendly: easy to use; trait of a computer program or instrument with a wide scope which testifies that using and learning how to use it is easy and comfortable even to one who has never used it before
Check (this) out: look at this; consider this, think of this; take a look at something and appreciate it.
You name it: (refers to almost everything; suggests a long list)
Get a load of (this): listen to this! (Slang); similar to check this out
Hands-free: able to be operated without the use of your hands
Voice activated: operated by voice command
Cutting edge: modern, updated, on the forefront of technology; exciting because it’s the neest technology, mothod, etc.
Like a dream: very well
Take it for a spin: take a short drive just for fun
You bet: definitely, for sure, of course, certainly
Behind the Wheel: in the driver’s seat, in control of the car
Be cool with that: have no objections

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