Spoken English Lesson 8 Part 1 Cool Car

This video is Part 1 of a two-part lesson in my series called American Slang. Students will test their ability to comprehend new vocabulary in the context of a fast, informal conversation.

In this american slang video, you will learn following new expressions:

Pretty much: nearly; mostly
A clunker: jalopy, junky car: a car that’s in bad
Fully loaded: having all the options, all the special features
High tech: advanced technology, modern technology; having very complex technology
(That’s) sweet!: very good (Cool!)
User-friendly: easy to use; trait of a computer program or instrument with a wide scope which testifies that using and learning how to use it is easy and comfortable even to one who has never used it before
Check (this) out: look at this; consider this, think of this; take a look at something and appreciate it.
You name it: (refers to almost everything; suggests a long list)
Get a load of (this): listen to this! (Slang); similar to check this out
Hands-free: able to be operated without the use of your hands
Voice activated: operated by voice command
Cutting edge: modern, updated, on the forefront of technology; exciting because it’s the neest technology, mothod, etc.
Like a dream: very well
Take it for a spin: take a short drive just for fun
You bet: definitely, for sure, of course, certainly
Behind the Wheel: in the driver’s seat, in control of the car
Be cool with that: have no objections

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