American Slang Video Lesson 6

Here some of expressions in the slang english video lesson:

freak out or freak (someone) out (phrasal verb): to suddenly become upset

become very excited, go wild, lose one`s cool, undergo a sudden mood change

1. have an extreme reaction, either favourable or adverse, to something; 2. panic; 3. frighten: “Spiders really freak her out”; 4. extreme experience, usually terrifying, produced by hallucinogenic drugs; 5. any unusual or unexpected experience

ask (someone) out (phrasal verb): to invate someone out on a date

get to know (someone) better: become better acquainted with another person (you learn more about the person and become closer as a result)

Dialogues in this series of lessons are broken down to show the expressions, changes in pronunciation, and changes in grammar that are common in informal English. Levels: high intermediate to advanced

American Slang Video Lessons:

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