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English online learning is one of the most efficient ways of learning English. Having a different language opens doors and creates new alternatives. eTeacher makes it easy along with fun to learn a brand new language within the convenience of your house.

Through eTeacher, students get involved in a web digital classroom along with learning with a specialist, and native-speaking tutors. Lessons are actually managed within little groups or possibly personalized periods.

eTeacher is definitely an intercontinental qualified and top provider for online education. We believe in combining the effectiveness of technological innovation, excellent teachers as well as fantastic information so that you can produce all of our clients with the handiest, most professional, and most useful learning English practical experience.


Learn English Online: EnglishClass101

eTeacher’s online language school was founded in 2000, along with tens of thousands of learners from above a hundred nations who have taken part in our live, online courses year after year. Experience has tested that real-time connections between teacher and learner are really the most efficient way to learn. And whenever considering a foreign language, there is nothing more appropriate than learning from the greatest native teachers.

eTeacher’s electronic courses are performed by using live interactive video. Students are able to see the teacher by using a webcam. They might speak to the teacher and other class participants by getting a headset & microphone. The lesson supplies are provided by way of a multi-media program for every single student’s computer screen. Course resources feature a mix of classic and online information that was created particularly for online learning.

Applying teachers developed technology, now you may enjoy learning from the top teachers without leaving the comfort of the home.

eTeacher English Evaluation

Having a new language opens doors and creates new opportunities. English is the international language of business, travel around, as well as diplomacy. Mastery of English is the perfect way to make you an international individual.

eTeacher is actually excited to provide the most beneficial native English teachers in the USA, teaching you English for personal, business, academic, as well as travel demands.

eTeacher’s online courses are performed by way of live video conferencing. Students are able to see the teacher by way of a web camera. They can speak with the teacher and other course members using a complimentary Bluetooth headset & microphone stand from eTeacher. The particular course products tend to be displayed via multimedia software upon each student’s monitor. Learning items come with a mixture of content material that has been produced especially for online learning.

Through eTeacher, you learn online in small groups (6-8 learners) or even in personal sessions (one-on-one). Classes are scheduled based on students’ destinations, time zones, and private requirements. The particular group courses are based upon one of two intensity levels, depending upon the demands of the group.

English online learning is efficient

For the greater intensity plan, courses take place two times each week, while the lower intensity training course is comprised of one class each week. Learners can submit homework as well as learn new words in advance of every course. The private program (one-on-one tutoring) will allow learners to progress at a pace and power appropriate for their particular individual capabilities.

Working with eTeacher’s developed technology, you can now delight in learning with the very best teachers without no leaving the comfort of the home. All of our teachers undertake an extensive training program to ready them for online schooling. Following each session, students are required to rate the actual course, which allows us to keep our regular training excellence.

The English plan is separated into 2 sessions:



The Basic track involves:

  • English Foundations – for learners with little or no qualifications in English.
  • Beginners – Three training
  • Intermediate – Three courses
  • Advanced – 3 training

The Professional track features:

  • Business English – 2 courses
  • Academic English – 2 courses

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Just what the various students reported concerning the EnglishClass101 course (Customer reviews)

I really love learning by using a teacher. Learning online from my home is really effortless, as well as the teacher is quite qualified and helpful. (Daniel R., Germany)

I still believe it’s really a miracle that I can learn new languages from my own comfy small apartment. I appreciate learning together with eTeacher and every week I count the entire days before the upcoming course! (Alex B., Belgium)

I have been happy with both the teacher and also the product all this time. The courses are paced very well and also I find the feeling that you really care that most people are learning. (Julia R., Netherlands)

I would choose to take advantage of this opportunity to thank you and all the E-TEACHER group for the superb online course. Julia and I joined up with the Advanced-II group a month ago. Our own teachers Sandra Rogers and Julie Moskal are native English speakers along with excellent experience as well as pedagogic ability.

Each our lesson is actually remarkable English practicevocabulary, grammar, listening and conversation training, and new info about themes we never thought to talk about. We actually believe that our English becomes far better! We strongly recommend this course to each one who wishes to improve his / her English skills by way of simple and obtain language practical knowledge. Best wishes, Ksenia (Chagan Ksenia, Israel)

Extremely having fun with lessons, Terrific teacher, material spelled out and displayed well – have never believed just about any achievement in previous attempts to learn a language – at this point I do – thank you so much. (Jones Michael, Canada)

Excellent. I really look forward to this kind of class and am never frustrated. Each lesson is certainly methodized just a little differently which improves the experience. (Feigelis Robin, USA)

Great class. Even at times, I feel very exhausted, the surroundings of the course maintain me energized and also interested. I absolutely love the way and I’m very glad to have the developments I am making. (Zeev Binyamin, USA)

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