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What is the Callan Method? How it words and how do you use it for improving english speaking. We have been giving you information about Effortless English Rules. You can remember, Effortless English 7. Rule is “Listen and Answer Method”. In Effortless English mini story lessons, A.J. Hoge asks a lot of easy questions and you must answer them outloud. This is the Callan Method.

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What is Callan Method and How it Works?

Callan Method is one of the most effective methods of learning English. It is specially effective on the early stages of the learning process.

The aim of The Callan Method is to enable students to be proactive in the learning process by answering the wide range of questions put to them during the lessons. In this way grammar is painlessly absorbed, and vocabulary broadened, step by easy step. There is no time to be bored by complex, dry, conventional methodology; The Callan Method has been proven to increase learning speed by up to four times.

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The method is widely used in many countries to teach English to non-native speakers. The aim of the method is to get students actively involved in the learning process by asking a range of questions that students should give an answer to. Students grasp the knowledge of grammar and build their vocabulary step by step and do not get distracted by too many complexities. The practice has shown that as a result of such an effective method students make progress up to four times faster. The method is unique for being not only effective, but enjoyable as well. Students enjoy the classes as they are not bored and actively participate during the class.

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Effortless English And Callan Method

Let’s remember what Effortless English 7.Rule is: RULE 7: Listen and Answer, not Listen and Repeat

In each Mini-Story Lesson, a speaker tells a short simple story. He also asks a lot of easy questions. Every time you hear a question, you pause and answer it.

You learn to answer questions quickly– without thinking. Your English becomes automatic.

Rule number 7 is to use listen-and-answer mini stories.

What are these mini stories, listen-and-answer, and why are they powerful? Well, first, remember in the past when you went to English school. In school you probably learnt with a lot of listen-and-repeat. For example, the teacher said: “repeat after me, class: hi, how are you?” and the class together, everybody said: “hi, how are you?“. Then, the teacher said, “I’m fine, and you?“. Then, all of the class together said, “I’m fine, and you?“. This is listen-and-repeat. It’s an old way to learn English. But it’s not powerful. When you listen and repeat, you don’t need to think in English, you don’t need to think. You just repeat what the teacher said. Maybe you don’t understand, but still, you repeat. That’s an old way, don’t do it.

Much more powerful is: listen and answer, especially listen-and-answer mini stories. These are special kind of stories where the teacher “asks” a story. Now, I do not say “tells” a story, I say “asks” a story. The teacher asks a lot of very simple and easy questions. Why? Well, because the student must answer questions constantly, constantly answering. Hearing a question, answering. Hearing a question, answering. This is like real conversation. When you use these listen-and-answer stories, you teach yourself to understand quickly and to respond quickly, to speak very quickly and automatically. No thinking. That’s why these are powerful. You learn to think in English and you learn to speak quickly, without thinking, without translating.

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