Extra English Episode 4 Hector Looks For a Job part-2

Improve English listening skills with Extra English Series. Extra English Episode 4: Hector Looks For a Job part-2.

Nick is looking for a work as being a stuntman and Hector decides that he really should have a work as well. The women aid him choose to consider for any work as being a waiter. Bridget invites her boss for the flat for dinner. The women also receive a mysterious reward: a gorgeous new dress for each of them.

They suppose which the dresses occur from Bridget’s boss. He includes a popularity as being a womaniser and so the boys choose to aid with the supper get together: Nick will do the cooking and Hector will likely be the waiter. It will likely be excellent follow. İf the boss, Howard, arrives it really is very clear that he has negative intentions and insults the boys.

Bridget will not such as this and she throws him out and after that resigns. Then the women find out that in reality the attire have been a present from Hector. Nonetheless, the women nevertheless usually do not realise how prosperous he’s. Learn English with Extra English series.

Extra English Series

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