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I already mentioned point of view stories when i posted Effortless English rules. AJ Hoge told us do not study grammar in the 2. rule. Most of us surprised and asked “but how will I learn English grammar?” Well this time AJ Hoge told us about it in the 5. rule. It is the point of view grammar lessons.

In this post, I will share a free sample of the point of view stories. You will download it from the link at bottom of this article. But first I want you to watch below video to learn much about point of view stories in the Effortless English system.

Hello, this is AJ Hoge from Effortless English Club. Today we will talk about grammar. How to learn grammar with listening and stories. We use special stories to teach English grammar naturally. You need to use grammar correctly and instantly.

There is not time to think about grammar during real conversations. American children for example, do not study grammar rules. They learn grammar naturally through listening. To speak English correctly, you must learn grammar through listening too.

Effortless English use point of view stories to help you master English grammar. We tell you a story using simple English grammar. For example, we might tell a story in the simple past. Next, we tell you the same story using another time view.

For example we might tell the same story in the present. Then we tell it again in yet another view point. You already understand the vocabulary. So you easily notice the grammar changes. You learn the English grammar simply by listening to the different story versions.

You learn the grammar in context that it’s connected to something in story. The grammar is connected to the story so you remember it. You learn meaningful grammar not just “rules”.

In Effortless English point of view stories we repeat the most common grammar many times. You hear it again and again. You learn English grammar deeply and unconsciously. Eventually, you use English grammar correctly and automatically.

This is the fastest and most powerful way to learn English grammar. Listen to the point of view lessons every day. Truly master spoken English grammar. Get more point of view stories, mini stories and all of our lessons at effortlessenglishclub.com In my previous lesson, I have talk about Effortless English, Listening practice and learning English.

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  5. Karen says:

    Sorry I downloaded the Race Lesson Set but can’t open any of it….must be my fault.

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  7. admin says:

    Hi Manoranjan baral, thanks for writing to us. You should listen easy and interesting materials to improve your English communication. And you can find some free interesting English lessons on our power-english.net website.

  8. John Jeyaseelan says:

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  9. admin says:

    Hi John, you should learn Effortless English powerful learning methods and use them with your studying to speak English fluently.

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  12. admin says:

    Hi Parul Mathur, you should focus on listening English. Because it is the key to speak English fluently. So listen a lot with easy and interesting materials.

  13. Emad says:

    It was a bad link for the “Downlaod the Race Lesson Set!” and after download it did not work so please send me a working like because i would like to try this before buying the package
    Thank you and have a nice new year

  14. admin says:

    Hi Emad, I have checked the download link. And it is working. You should try again. After you download the file you should install winzip to open lessons. Use this link: http://uberdownloads.com/7-zip.html to install the required software free.

  15. Rishi Ka says:

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  16. Rishi Ka says:

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  17. admin says:

    Hi Rishi Ka, the best way to speak English fluently is to make listening practice everyday. Watch this video to find out English listening lessons.

  18. Palani M Muniandi says:

    How can l speak English fluently?

  19. hogr says:

    how can i use the courses if buy courses how you know my level ? pls answer me

  20. admin says:

    Hi Palani, you can speak English fluently by following Effortless English rules which are very powerful methods to improve your English speaking skills.

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    Hi Hogr, if you can read and write on this website with your basic English level, you can use Effortless English course to improve English speaking skills.

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  25. Haris says:

    Hello, are these lessons pirated? My religion doesn’t allow me to use pirated things. Kindly answer.

  26. admin says:

    Hi Haris, these are not pirated. These are just free samples of very useful courses.

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    Hi Belal, you should follow the Effortless English system. This is very powerful system and it has useful listening course. You can speak English fluently with this Power English course.

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