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In this video lesson you will learn Essential step number 3 for change and leadership, from AJ Hoge the teacher of Effortless English. Watch above video clip and you will find the text of the video below, to read it as you listening.

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Hi, this is AJ. Welcome to Effortless English Webinar Number 3, Step Number 3 in the 7 essential steps for change and leadership. So you’ve learned Step Number 1 which is to develop your own health and energy. Without energy, hard to do anything else.

You’ve already learned Number 2, which is to develop a personal mission. And the mission really gives you the focus and the passion to accomplish great things in your life. And that will affect everything you try to do in life. Click here to view full text.

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  1. Yamina on Wed, 19th Aug 2015 22:18
  2. LOL I understand. When I lived in Seville I was in a lanugage immersion program, as my mission was to perfect my Spanish, but I also needed to earn some more money so I taught private English classes as well. I tried to only speak English if I was being paid to do so, ha. If you do a [free] lanugage exchange with French and English, then you would both be practicing each other’s lanugage without feeling the pressure you might feel with random Parisians out and about. As an EFL teacher, I wanted to have lanugage exchanges to meet more Spaniards, but I didn’t want to speak English and not be paid for it lol.

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