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In this post, we share a new mp3 english listening lesson. “MP3 English Lessons Are More Relaxing” Click below download link and select save as and download your free mp3 lesson. Listen this mp3 lesson several time each day for one week. And you can find text of the mp3 lesson below.

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MP3 English Lessons Are More Relaxing

Relax. Really 🙂 When you learn English,.. relax. Relaxation is very important. Bored and stressed students learn much more slowly. Relaxed and happy students learn FASTER. This is not just my opinion– its what the research shows.

But are most English classes relaxing? No.
Most have the following basic goal: Speak Dammit!

That’s right. Most schools are trying to force, coerce, trick, bribe, pressure, or beg their students to speak. There is a lot of pressure on students to speak.

Often, the teacher will directly ask questions to one student. Everyone looks at the student. The student’s heart beats faster. Do they feel relaxed?

This is why I love mp3 English Classes. With an mp3 English Class, there is no pressure. MP3 English Lessons are no-stress.

With our Effortless English Lessons, you just relax and listen. If you want to, you can answer the easy questions in the Mini-Story lessons. But you don’t have to.

Effortless English is a listen-first approach. The key to great speaking is great listening! You shouldn’t force yourself to speak… and no one else should force you to speak.

When you listen enough and when you listen correctly to good lessons, you will eventually speak automatically. The words will come out of your mouth and you won’t think, you won’t feel stress.

Until that happens, don’t worry about speaking. Don’t force it. Just listen to our mp3 English Lessons. Learn to speak by LISTENING– that is the Effortless English key to success!

You can do it. Relax. Listen.

Smile, Laugh. Enjoy your English learning.

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20 Responses to “Be Relax And Listen MP3 English Lessons”

  1. yawar says:


  2. MAHYAR says:

    hi. thats right it works! but there is a question . i have asked this question many times but no answer!!!! 100% listening is the most important thing . there is no doubt. but should i GIVE UP reading and writing? even for the toefl? in obsessive behavior commentory lesson aj explains clearly . but i wanted to know more. what should we do with reading and writing ???
    thank you

  3. admin says:

    Hi MAHYAR, you should read a lot besides English listening. It had better to listen English %80 of your study time. And you can read English your remaining %20 study time.

    However you shoud read easy English matarials. click here to view AJ Hoge’s advices about reading English.

  4. alpha ousmane says:

    i like your english learning thank you so much

  5. hanna says:

    I have been listening for many time and now, I can speak English fluently and faster but in my school there is no my English teacher apply listening approach method. so that, i have to study what my teacher teaches my school including grammar rules, memorizing English words. I’m afraid they will make my English speaking, what should I do???
    thank you

  6. admin says:

    Hi Hanna, you should continue to listen easy English lessons, so that improve your English speaking. This will help you to improve your school lessons also. Unfortunately, the school programs is awful but there is nothing to do. You should be patient and keep listening a lot. Good luck.

  7. mahyar says:

    HI admin. you are a very good admin. you answer to the questions early . unlike other admins ….
    i have a question … i am living with Effortless English and you know i spend many hours with AJ and i think about topics . BUT there are some products on the internet named flow English or business English or other things like these…
    which one should i listen to after original lessons? …flow English or real English or business or power English?
    thank you. best wishes

  8. admin says:

    Hi Mahyar, thank you very much for your good comments. Flow English and real english are the lesson sets which a few friends of AJ Hoge created. Effortless Business success and Power English lesson sets belongs to AJ Hoge.

    I reccommed you to use PowerEnglish lessons after you finish the Original Efforltess English lessons. Because, PowerEnglish lesson set is the best Learning English set AJ Hoge made. You can improve your English speaking and learn lots of useful inspiring informations with PowerEnglish lessons at the same time. Click here to view more about PowerEnglish lessons.

  9. lamdoan says:

    i like this website,very powerful.

  10. Mahyar says:

    the best admin in the world . best teacher in the world.and this website is the best website in all over the world.
    i do not need to any other website or other teachers. they do not answer to our questions but in this site the situation is totally different .

  11. waleed says:

    I don’t know what I say, but thank you so much.

  12. Aamir ghani says:

    i realy like ur proceadure,,that psyscology is 80% of success and 20% method that u r using to learn english…………

  13. Chealy khorn says:

    Now I have problem with English,I want to be good at English especially grammar and speaking.

  14. shan says:

    i want to speak english must

  15. Sri says:

    I speak english but not well..
    And I could not get the meanings of some words .
    I hope powerful english will make me feel better..
    just now
    I’m going to download the notes from website..

  16. duy tuan says:

    i’m vietnamese
    i want to download something on your website but i don’t can
    please help me , instruction me download
    thank so much

  17. Adan says:

    Thanks for your precious activities for us, i am sure this will change the way we used to learn and even restore our mind to learn english language easily, online funny class i really like it, so i have a question although some of the students or commentators asked you before but i still can not handle it, that is how can i download it even if i download it can’t be listened it seems as something virus or empty, so you mentioned before to download first other software which is intended to be downloaded but i couldn’t do it?
    are there vedeo lessons and somehow have english subtitle so even if you couldn’t catch a word by your ears easily can see from the subtiltle?
    are there instant online courses you teach which the students can have a certificate if it’s how?

    thanks very much

    Best regards

  18. shin says:

    a lot of thanks

  19. Najeeb Jack says:

    So very nice .we start where other finish .this my statement thank you

  20. Najeeb Jack says:

    (((Hard labor is the great treasure.))) My friend if you want well speaker then you flow english language evrytime definitely you can well .thanks for compliment

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