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Hi, I am AJ. Hoge, the director of Effortless English. And now, I want to show you how exactly you get your lesson. Because, all of my lessons are digital. That’s great because you get them right now. You don’t need to wait for the mail. There is no mail, there is no extra mail cost. Instead, I send you an e-mail with a link and then you click the link and you download each lesson set to your computer. You can use them right now, today, immediately.

Let me show you how that works. First of course, you go down to the button of this web site and click this big red button. It says buy lessons now. And after you click the button you will go to the payment page. So, let’s imagine you have already paid. After you paid you get immediately an e-mail from Effortless English. So let’s look at the e-mail now. So I just paid and you will see here an e-mail from Effortless English LLC. That is the lesson e-mail. This e-mail contains lessons. So, you see the subject here “Original Effortless English Lessons”. So you wanna open that e-mail. It is the e-mail inside.

You can download files for Original Effortless English Lessons. And then, there is the link. To get the lessons, simply click the link in your e-mail. And click it, boom there it is. This is the lesson download page. You see, we have a long list of lessons. These are all of the lesson sets. Each of these actually has three or four files.

Three or four lessons inside it. So these are lesson sets there are mp3 audio files, fort he audio. Mp3 of course you can use them your computer, you can listen on your computer, you can also put them in your ipod which is great because you can learn anywhere. And there are text files inside also, each lessons set. Those are pdf adobe files. Don’t worry your computer has adobe reader so you can easily read the text also.

So how do we get these? Well it is very easy. You see right here, each one says click here to download. For example this is the welcome guide. This is the first thing you read. The welcome guide tells you exactly how to use the lessons. So to download one of these use just clik here, so click here boom.

And my computer asks me you have chosen to open welcome guide and I just click Ok. And then see starts to downloading right now. Welcome guide download. 26 seconds remaining. So download onto your computer. And you save it on your computer and it is yours forever, right. You have it forever. And you see you can get it right now, immediately. You don’t need to wait one week, two weeks for the mail. No mail it is immediate, right now. So simple, so easy. It is great.

So, as you can see, it is almost finish downloading. And when the download finishes you simply open the set and then you have it. So let’s have a look it right now. Here we go, see is ta ta ta finish and boom. It opens immediately and this is the welcome giude. The Effortless English Club, welcome guide with AJ. Hoge. That is your first one. The welcome guide is just text. It just tells you how to use the lesson.

You can see, and just close this, and then we have first lesson the day for the death lesson. Again you just click, download, open it and you can listen all of the lessons inside. We have another one, a kiss is the name another lesson set. So again each of lesson set, for example “A Kiss” there is a vocabulary lesson inside, there is a mini story lesson inside, there is an audio article inside, there is text inside. And many of these also have point of view mini stories inside. And also commentaries. So you get a lot of different lessons inside each of these.

So we have a little bit levels it says one, it is easier. The day for the death lesson is propably the easiest lesson in all of these. And then we have level two. It is a little bit more difficult. But not too difficult, the level two lessons are still pretty easy.  And then you can see we have level tree, cofe Puccini lesson, Disobedience Lessons. And the level 3 certainly is the highest. They can be more and more difficult.

They are more advanced. So you can go from easier to more difficult and finally to quite advanced. And then finally too, you aclually some bonuses, you can see here, bonus Hitch lessons 1, Bonus Hitch lessons 2, Bonus Hitch lessons 3. Hitch is a movie. So these bonus lessons help you understand part of the Hithc movie. So they are really great. Everybody loves Hitch lessons so they are fantastic.

And so, that’i it. That’s  all. All you need to do, to get the lessons. So you get them now, click the big red button and you fill out your information, and then check your e-mail immediately, start getting the lessons right now. You can start using these lessons today. This whole process takes maybe  five minutes, So in five minutes you can be listening to your first Effortless English lesson. I look forward to being your teacher. I am so happy I can teach you. I will see you again, bye bye.

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47 Comments on How To Download Effortless English Lessons

  1. Ye Tun Aung on Thu, 16th Dec 2010 03:47
  2. I want to learn Effortless english

  3. samaneh on Fri, 8th Apr 2011 08:36
  4. hi.i`m iranian.i want to have your lesseon but i can`t download can i buy them?

    good job

  5. admin on Fri, 8th Apr 2011 11:36
  6. Hi Samaneh, Please watch above video carefully. A. J. Hoge the teacher of Effortless English shows us how to download the lessons. So you can easily buy and download Effortless English lessons.

    After you click here, you will go to the payment page. After you paid, you get immediately an e-mail from Effortless English. This e-mail contains lessons. To get the lessons, simply click the link in your e-mail. And click it, boom there it is. This is the lesson download page. You see, we have a long list of lessons. These are all of the lesson sets.

  7. Asad on Sun, 24th Jul 2011 19:41
  8. Hi dear AJ,
    Thank u so muc for your great effort for the effortless English learning. Here in Iran we do not have any kind of credit cards to pay the money and we need your Speak English Fluently Rules movies, but it is impossible to download from any site. Please do us a favor and let us know how and where can we have access to your great movies.
    Best wishes,
    A. Monfared

  9. roohullah on Sat, 30th Jul 2011 06:44
  10. these are greates motheds to speak english not just english lanuage these are for all the languages to learn and speak

  11. admin on Tue, 2nd Aug 2011 07:48
  12. Dear Asad, I heard that Iranian people use their bank card when they buy something from internet. So you can use your bank card or paypal account or google chechout account. This is only way to get Effortless English Lessons.

  13. Abbas Sarkhosh on Tue, 6th Sep 2011 14:42

  15. admin on Thu, 8th Sep 2011 14:29
  16. Hi Abbas, the Rar Password: Have a good studies.

  17. lenpu on Wed, 16th Nov 2011 14:02
  18. Hi,
    Dear Sir, I wanted to join such a web site.

  19. Mohammad on Fri, 2nd Dec 2011 17:09
  20. Hi Lovely A.J
    I really love to buy your lessons but now I’ve got a few problem, but sure I will buy your lessons.
    by the way thank you so much for your great teaching.
    your energy is great.
    I wish you success in all moments of your life.

  21. Anvar on Sat, 10th Dec 2011 12:24
  22. Hi mr AJ. You know, i can’t buy Effortless English lesson. I tryed it 4 times, i’m sure i did all required things correctiy, but after i clicked the button “97$ charge my visa card”, “This transaction has been declined” statement appeared on the blank page. I can’t understand, what’s the problem?

  23. Anvar on Sat, 10th Dec 2011 12:58
  24. I’m sorry Mr. AJ, there’s a problem with my visa card. It isn’t switched for Internet transaction. The card will be valid on Monday. So, i’ll buy the lesson on Monday or Tuesday. By the way, i have some questoins about downloading process. After i pay for the lesson, ther will be an e-mail to me. Is this email like other ordinary emails, i mean, will i get an email as if i get a massage email to my exact email address? Is your lessons size fit for sending through the electron post? You see, i’m not well aware of the Internet. So i don’t know what the limit of sending material should be to send through email: 500mb or 1gb or 10gb. Could you tell me that? Because i’m gonna send my Cambridge Dictionary to my friend. He needs it. I would be very happy if you answer my question. Thank you!

  25. admin on Sat, 10th Dec 2011 17:12
  26. Hello Anvar, if you have trouble about your credit cards, please contact with your bank. Effortless English lessons are about 1.6 gb. So it doesn’t fit in an e-mail. Instead we will send you an e-mail contains a download link which goes to the download page. Please watch the above video about the download process.

    By the way, you can not send any files over 10 mb with e-mails. You can record your files or programs into a DVD and send it to your friends. Good luck.

  27. Mr.Zaw Nyi Nyi Aung on Fri, 23rd Dec 2011 10:28
  28. Dear Sir, I wanted to join such a web site.

  29. mohammad on Sun, 25th Dec 2011 16:52
  30. very very gooooood

  31. Fiafee on Mon, 9th Jan 2012 16:10
  32. how can i get discount?

  33. admin on Mon, 9th Jan 2012 20:17
  34. Hi Fiafee, 97 usd is discounted price already. There is no extra discount at that moment.

  35. Fiafee on Tue, 10th Jan 2012 16:55
  36. So, I can’t get it for free from another websites?

  37. yahya on Wed, 11th Jan 2012 09:26
  38. hi
    i get 2 DVD effortless lessens
    but i dot know their order
    who can help me
    pls give me lessens arrange and order

  39. Samuel on Wed, 11th Jan 2012 13:48
  40. Hummmmm, it seem to be the only complete audio lessons on the web. I search for a while and I think this one is the most complete.

  41. admin on Wed, 11th Jan 2012 15:18
  42. Hi Fiafee, there are many fake lessons of Effortless English on the internet. They are all illegal and may contains spam viruses. I advice you to keep away from them.

    The only way to get Original Effortless English and Power English lessons is to visit Effortless English LLC official website.

  43. Mike on Wed, 25th Jan 2012 06:35
  44. I wanted to avail discount on how to get and buy lessons on effortless english…how? i’m from the Philippines

  45. Mike on Wed, 25th Jan 2012 06:39
  46. I do not have a credit card, how can i avail your lessons?

  47. admin on Wed, 25th Jan 2012 08:45
  48. Hello Mike, Effortless English discounted price is 97 usd. There is no extra discount yet. You can buy the lessons online wiht your credit card, Paypal account and Google Checkout account in a safety way. However you must have a credit card actually. Or you can ask a favour from your friends and family members.

  49. hao on Sat, 25th Feb 2012 03:00
  50. hi, i have a credit card, visa debit card, i buy the lesson by this card but i receive the answer is :” this action is not accept, you should buy the other card” i donot understand? i go to my bank they said that my visa debit card could buy on the internet and many people use it? could you tell me why ? i nedd AJ your lesson? reply me soon, please. thanksssssssssss?

  51. admin on Mon, 27th Feb 2012 09:40
  52. Hello Hao, you should contact to AJ whit this e-mail address:

  53. Bruka on Thu, 1st Mar 2012 16:29
  54. How many “Parts” have the product?

  55. admin on Fri, 2nd Mar 2012 09:08
  56. Hi Bruka, Original Efforltess English has 4 levels and 39 lesson sets in all. And PowerEnglish including 30 lesson sets there is no levels.

    Each lesson set has 3 or 4 mp3 audio lessons such as main audio article, vocabulary mp3, mini story mp3, point of view mp3, commentary mp3.

  57. Puujee on Wed, 7th Mar 2012 03:17
  58. hey I am Mongolian. is it different Original Efforltess English? there are same cost but number different (30 4*39=156). i want to buy it. But i have visa for my county. How can i use VISA cart to buy lessons? then I have to draw money in an account only $dollars.reply me please

  59. Puujee on Wed, 7th Mar 2012 03:26
  60. is it Original Efforltess English V.I.P member program? Can you explain me?

  61. admin on Wed, 7th Mar 2012 09:32
  62. Hi Puujee, This is Original Effortless English (not VIP program). You can buy it by using your visa credit card. The price is 97 dolloars. I also reccommend PowerEnglish lessons for more advance English learners.

  63. yahya on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 15:02
  64. hi
    i get 2 DVD effortless lessens
    but i dot know their order
    who can help me
    pls give me lessens arrange and order

  65. admin on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 15:12
  66. Hi Yahya, where did you get them?

  67. subhendu rana on Tue, 24th Jul 2012 12:35
  68. thats great..

  69. Ramesh on Tue, 28th Aug 2012 12:21
  70. Sir I am following effortless English for past one week my is not supporting this rar file could u please send mp3 lessons to my mail this is my mail I’d. please do favour

  71. Ramesh on Tue, 28th Aug 2012 12:26
  72. Sir my phone not supporting this it shows as this format not supported

  73. admin on Tue, 28th Aug 2012 12:36
  74. Dear Ramesh, you should use the WinRar program to sort the mp3 lessons out from the file. Click here to download WinRar and try it again after the setup it.

  75. le thi tthu phuong on Sat, 8th Sep 2012 17:18
  76. I want to learn English easily

  77. Lívia on Wed, 3rd Oct 2012 13:53
  78. Hi. I have paid and downloaded the lesson but I can’t listen or watching them. I did everything including download Quicktime and iTunes but unfortunatelly it didn’t work! What do I have to do?



  79. admin on Thu, 4th Oct 2012 08:44
  80. Hi Lívia, Click here to check out Effortless English frequently-asked-questions page to view more information. I think you should unzif the rar files first and then you can listen your mp3 lessons easily.

    The lessons are all .zip files. Zip files download faster. You need 7-Zip or WinZip to open these files. WinZip comes with most Windows and Mac computers. If you do not have WinZip for some reason, you can get 7-Zip for free at:

    P.S. if you have more questions, please contact Effortless English admins here:

  81. tsewang morup on Tue, 4th Dec 2012 16:00
  82. i want to try and want to buy it after getting a demo

  83. admin on Tue, 4th Dec 2012 16:45
  84. Hi tsewang morup, you can download a few free examples of Effortless English at our free-download page. Some of them with mini story mp3 lessons: Validation and Hitch lesson set. Download them and listen each lesson everyday. Especially listen mini story lessons and answer the easy questions out loud. Listen the lessons every day for one week at least. Good luck.

  85. Delgermurun on Mon, 11th Mar 2013 07:42
  86. How can I back my money?

  87. admin on Mon, 11th Mar 2013 09:42
  88. Hi Delgermurun, go to Effortless English official web site and read terms of Service here:

  89. Balula on Wed, 18th Sep 2013 14:19
  90. Hi sir I have now downloaded the lesson and so exited to starting this trainging. I will advise my progress soon.

  91. Alex on Sat, 21st Sep 2013 01:48
  92. Hi I will download to try thse program. I am HOPING to learn better English for my job. It is very important for me.

  93. sarkawt on Sat, 7th Dec 2013 16:09
  94. hello my name is sarkawt , i live in kurdistan , i will try to do learn English , i addicted English but i have a problem , i can not buy your lecture because in here have not credit card for buy lesson , how can i buy your lesson if you help me , your lecture is very very powerful i appreciated you for full fill this lesson

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